Monday, December 28, 2015

Chalk Markers ,10 Vibrant Color Pen Pack

Chalk Markers, 10 Vibrant Color Pen Pack, Premium Quality Double Life Pens 8 Grams of Ink Easy Erasable, 6 Mm Reversible Tips. For Chalkboard, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Bistro. And More

These liquid chalk markers are really great to work with. They come in a clear plastic box that you can keep the markers in. When you use them for the first time you have to take the cap off and push down the marker tip. Then you put the cap back on and shake the marker. Then you take the cap back off and start pushing down on the tip. Keep pushing up and down on the tip until the ink comes to the tip. You are then ready to use the markers. Each pen has directions on how to use these markers.
Chalk Markers ,10 Vibrant Color Pen Pack, Premium Quality Double Life Pens 8 Grams of Ink Easy Erasable, 6 Mm Reversible Tips. For Chalkboard, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Bistro. And More

I find that these markers are good for crafts, labeling jars, they would be perfect for Christmas or any other holiday. Kids love to make things using these markers. They will work on windows and would be perfect for a restaurants menu board. I am giving mine to our club house for use on our chalkboard because these are so washable. These are bright neon colors and you use t hem just like a pen or felt tip marker. These pens are also good for teachers who have either chalkboards or whiteboards in their classrooms. These work great on the chalkboard labels also. If you have someone in the family who loves doing sidewalk art they can be used for that also.

I received these at liquid chalk markers at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


  •  ZAM-Art® Liquid Chalk Markers are designed to be used on any NON-POROUS surfaces , feel free and enjoy using on Chalkboard Stickers, Chalkboard Contact Paper , Paper, Glass, Tile, Plastic, Metal, Whiteboard , Glossy Boards, LED Board ,Bistro boards.
  • Cheerful colored chalk marker pens with reversible 6 mm tip The Liquid chalk in ZAM-Art® Chalk Markers is completely Clean, Non-Toxic ,Dust free, easy to wipe with a damp cloth without any smudge associated with other chalks or markers. No dripping or ink runoff.
  • ZAM-Art® Chalk Marker Pens is a unique children's Art Pens remarkable for its excellent value and creativity. Satisfaction Assured with our 90-day money back guarantee, backed up by Amazon's excellent customer service!
  • Creativity has no limit with ZAM-Art® Markers, its Reversible tip (Bullet-Chisel) makes it fun to master both fine and bold works, Banners, Signs. Decorations for all occasions and parties will have a different face with ZAM-Art® Liquid Chalk Markers. It has been used on shop windows, Restaurant's and bar's menu boards, the limit is your imagination.
  • The lively, striking designs of these Art Pens/ Markers are by itself is your reward; watch how kids enjoy it without the mess of the ordinary chalk or other markers. The drawings and banners will stay as long as you want it, and you can just wipe it out without any trace when you finish. Press Add to Cart now and have fun!
ZAM-Art® Liquid Chalk Markers are one of the best markers money can buy, its bright neon colors have been shining everywhere, children's art, schools, homes, Restaurant Bistro boards, Shop's Windows, temporary signs at festivals and holiday's decorations.
The variety of colors and the reversible 6 mm tip - Round Bullet for fine strokes, and the Chisel for wider lines makes it a multi drawing pens in one. The liquid chalk marker is filled with the best high quality Japanese Ink and Tips, with a (8 gm) internal storage that gives you double life of creativity and Fun. ZAM-Art® Liquid Chalk Markers are certified by all US and European Art material authorities, All The material used are 100% environment friendly, non-toxic and clean ink that can be used by kids without any harm to the skin. Our Chalk Marker Pens are used by ordinary people, Art students, Teachers, Professional Artists, children at schools and kids at home. It is easy to use, simple to handle and will erase without any mess or dust. 

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