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The Tribetailer digital handheld travel scale, quality airline luggage weighing scale

The Tribetailer digital handheld travel scale, quality airline luggage weighing scale

The strap on this travel scale is an 1.5 inches wide so it will wrap around the handle of your luggage easily. It has a very thick and heavy weight clasp on it so you will not have to worry about it not holding when you pick up your luggage with it. On the top of the handle there is an easy to operate on/off switch. There is also a digital read out of the weight on the left hand side of the scale. The only thing is that the digits are then up side down and you need to turn the scale around to read the weight. It is suppose to have kg/lg and by default it weights in kg.  I could never get mine to change to lbs.

One other thing is that you have to turn the scale on and then lift your luggage or else it will not read the weight. So if you had a two pound bag you could put that bag on the scale first and then if you wanted just the weight of just what you put in the bag (let's say apples) Then you start adding the apple and the weight you end up with would be the weight of t he apples without the bag. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I just found it a pain for me to have to remember to turn the scale on before I pick up the suitcase.

The other things is that with the read out being on the right hand side when I put the handle up my thumb covers t he readout. The outside width of the handle is 5.75 inches and the inside is 4 inches.

Then once you turn the scale off they next time you use the scale it defaults back to kg. I set some luggage on my bathroom scale and lifted it with this scale and I find that this scale is very accurate.

I received this scale at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

FUNCTIONALITY - Take the Scalertailer Practically Anywhere - lightweight design & portable makes this an ideal pocket digital scale. Battery included & very easily replaced by removing battery caddy - lithium battery model CR3032 3v.
SMART LCD DISPLAY - Electronic display with one button for ON & OFF - So easy to use, just place your hand through & power on and lift to take a reading. For those seeking to place two hands under the scale this is quite easily done too.
MULTIFUNCTION - Fishing Scale, Grocery Scale, Weighing snow ski's as well as gas cylinders at a caravan site - These are just some potential alternatives recognised by customers. SCALES WEIGHT - In Kg/lbs + Extremely Accurate & Precise - Power on & measure in Kg or hold down to switch to lbs - extremely easy to switch between the different measurements.
NO MORE BAGGAGE FEES - Guaranteed To Save You Money - If ever there was a product that provides you with a real Return On Investment (ROI) it was this! - Offered with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.

Product Description

With the Tribetailer Scalertailer portable luggage scale you no longer have the inconvenience of repacking at check-in

When it comes to air travel, convenience and great experience will impact your journey positively. Let's face it no one want's to go through the effort and embarrassment of repacking over-weight baggage at check-in. Here at Tribetailer we believe it is the simplest things that can help make your life easier. This well designed accurate portable digital luggage scale can definitely make your journey stress free. With our luggage scale not only are you prepared but also you may not realize it but we have actually saved you time, inconvenience and unexpected baggage fees. At 2.25 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width this is the ideal travel mate for anyone.

 FREE BONUS eBOOK: Tribetailer Quick Guide To Smarter Travelling -

An independent source of information on travelling with popular airlines,
- Includes baggage weight and sizes,
- Simple but welcomed advise on travelling,
- Instructions will be in the packaging guiding you where to download.

 Multifunction use We were pleased to hear that it was purchased for a wide and varied functional use. I think it would be a good idea to highlight additional functional uses recognised by some of our custmers.

- Used by a restaurant to measure delivery inventory- 25 Kg / 55lbs,
- At a caravan site to weigh their gas cylinders - 34kg / 74lbs,
- Used to weigh ski's for one customer at St.Moritz - 4.5 kg / 9.9lbs
- Golfers golf bags & other items - 20 kg / 44lbs.

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