Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Y'all bloggy giveaway

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Not really sure how to do this. This is the first time we have done one of these give-aways. The rules for our blog are simple. You go over to our store and Pick out 2 products you would like by Acorn Designs. You then come back here and post a comment telling us what 2 products you would like. We will have a random drawing on the Nov 4th to chose a winner. All entries must be in by Midnight Nov 3 EST. You may only pick kits by Acorn Designs not by any other designer. We will then send you a coupon so that you may pick up the 2 products you picked if you are the winner. There is a coupon in an older post here on the blog for 30% off. This coupon will expire Nov 9, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New products and sale

Watch out for those eyes that are peeking out of the dark, the rustle of the leaves as you pass by and even that spider hanging from the tree. They may get you in that Scarrrry Night.

Goblins, ghoulies, and little ghosties,

These are things that scare me mostly,

Glowing eyes and an eerie scream,

Nighttime things aren’t what they seem.

Swishing breeze, is that a bat?

Oh my, oh my, it was just a cat!

These types of things give me a fright,

Awful things going bump in the night.

-Laura B. Mundy

Contains: 22 papers, 7 ribbons, 7 tags, 7 frames, 7 bows. On sale at Scrappers Zone for 25% off 1 week only.

Elegant greens and blues combine to make Sophisticated Man a perfect kit for the man in your life. Featuring gentle plaids, stripes and wooden accents, you can show off your favorite guy and tell what makes him special. Contains: 24 papers, 6 frames, 7 flowers, 10 tags, 3 photo tags, 12 brads, 12 buttons, 3 slides, 17 ribbons. On sale at Scrappers Zone for 25% off 1 week only.

If you liked Sophisticated Man, you’ll love the 2nd part of this kit. Masculine and elegant, this kit is quite versatile and will work with many styles and types of photos. Contains: 36 papers, 6 frames, 7 flowers, 10 tags, 3 photo tags, 12 brads, 12 buttons, 3 slides, 17 ribbons. On sale at Scrappers Zone for 25% off 1 week only.

Felicity is a state of happiness. This kit will definitely bring happiness with its pastel peaches, blues, and greens. The inspiration for this kit came from the love and support I’ve found online in the digital scrapbooking community during my illness. Therefore, it is dedicated to those wonderful friends—you know who you are. Contains: 30 papers, 3 journal boxes, 13 ribbons, 6 brass plates, 3 tags, 5 frames, 6 flowers, 6 brads, 6 bows, 5 sets of beads. On sale at Scrappers Zone for 25% off 1 week only.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 10 of Timeless Elegance

I want you all to take note that I have updated the slide show. HE HE about time I did it. Guess who got back from her mini vacation claiming it was the cable companies fault again? You all got that right, Beth herself. Glad to have you back among the work class Beth. Here is your freebie for today. Don't forget if you missed any parts to Dog Wood you can pick them up in the store. Gone

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 9 of Timeless Elegance and your Last part of Dog Wood

I have 2 freebies for you today. I also have a very special surprise for our blog readers only. There is a war between the BIG BOSS at Digi by Design and us. So I have a coupon for you that is good for 2 weeks. It will end on November 9, 2007. Now mind you all November 8, 2007 is my Birthday so to give me a gift all you got to do is help me out sale the boss for the next two weeks. The coupon is good for BOTH stores. Acorn Designs Store, Michelle Conrad Store The coupon code for this sale is "Acorns Blog Special", just leave off the quote signs. Make sure you just copy and paste the code as is into the store. That is 30% off of just two stores over at Digi by Design. With all that said I will now give you the freebies. Gone


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Timeless Elegance Day 8

I would like to thank Rose Addict for the wonderful name that she has given our kit. So the name is Timeless Elegance. There is no preview to it yet as we are still making kit. Sorry this was not on time today but I had a ruff night and once I was able to get some sleep it was 2:30 this after noon when I did get up. Yes, I missed my own chat today but Beth was there and she PM'ed everyone their gifts. And they was already on 4shared, all she would have had to do was look. The only thing she did not have was the coupons codes for 3 of the prizes. Those were in my e-mail with no way for her to get to. Don't forget that if you missed any parts of Dog Wood, that you can find them in our store. Gone

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 7 freebie

Well I can't take to many days like today. I am burned out. We made a 240 meg kit today, as well as I uploaded 3 kits each to 2 different stores. that includes having to rezip each and every file in the whole thing. Managed to keep up with my e-mails, get my dailies and God only knows what else I did. I even added a few more papers to this. Here is your Freebie for today. Starting tomorrow I am going to start taking them down one by one so get them while you can. Gone

Day 6 freebie

Here is day 6 of this mini kit. Someone asked me if we had a name for this kit yet. well the answer is NO. We have not come up with a name . But we will let you know when we do. But let's get on with this show and your freebie. This is 2 nights in a row I have not been able to sleep and about mid morning I am going to be really cranky. Then I will have to go take a nap and take the edge off of me like I did yesterday. But todays freebie is lace. I hope you enjoy it. Gone

I almost forgot. I put Rainy Day Bear in the store at 25% off for one week only. This is an expanded version. I have added the parts that had been once used as chat freebies.

Anyone want a black cat named Bear. She will sleep on your keyboard, your mouse and your lap all at one time. Then get mad at you if you have the nerve to tell her to get down. But she really is loving. Just a VERY BIG PEST.

Beth finally has a product in our store at Scrapbookers Playground. She has Birthday Bonanza in the store at 20% off. Not sure what date the sale will end. I no she would have set it for 1 week but not sure when she got it in the store. So If you want to pick it up run over there now before the sale is gone. I do know that there are 2 more products uploaded ready to go into the store. For some reason Beth is having troubles with the FTP server timing out on her. That means once she has the product packaged she must send to me by way of MSN Live. and I have to upload. MSN takes a while to transfer the files so it takes longer to get the products in the store. But I can upload faster than she can anyway so it does not bother me. I set them to start uploading when I go to bed and then when I get up they are done. Would you believe that she has cable and I have DSL? At least Verizon is more stable here than they was at my old house. Or else I would be dealing with a slow cable connection also. LOL

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 5 gift

Sorry about the delay in posting this. I have been having issues with this darn computer. I also have a cat that has decided to sleep on my key board or in my lap which makes typing rather hard. Bear has allergies and when she can't breath she wants her mommy and there is no moving her. Today we have another paper for you in this mini kit. We hope you enjoy it. Gone

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is it Saturday?

Is it Saturday already? Well, I guess it is. I suppose you all are waiting on your freebie for today. Here I am with it. Also I realized that some of you may only come here on the weekends so I have put day 1 and day 2 freebies back up for you. The blog party will be coming down on Sunday night so if you have not grabbed your files please get then now. I would not want any of you all to miss out.

Oh let me tell you about my Bear. That is the pure black cat. Some how she managed to get the catnip out from under the scratch pad. The chewed threw the bag and at it. I wish I had my camera handy that night, she was so high that she could not stand up. Then Piglet discovered that Bear had it and a fight broke out over this bag that was all but empty. I was rolling on the laugh laughing. It was so funny. For those who may not know, catnip to a cat is like weed to a human.

Our NEW kit Get Well Bear is on sale for 25% off at Scrappers Zone. From cozy quilts to Band-Aids, Get Well Bear is ready to scrap those not so happy times when loved ones are under the weather. Bright and cheerful colors make this kit ideal for making those get-well cards too.

Here is your Freebie for this week. Only one more part to this kit. Gone

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 4 gift

Just look what ally our can find in our scavenger hunt. I give no Hints. You have 20 clues and all links are in the store.

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Here is your day 4 gift. This journal box will look great on a heritage page. Combine this with the paper you have and the frame you already got and your off to a big start. We would love to see the layouts that you all make with our gifts. So if you send them in to 2acorn.designs@gmail.com we will post them here. Gone

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 3 gift

I have a flower for you all today to go with this mini kit. Those of you who missed our chat on today missed a really great time with lots of prizes including free kits. But don't worry not all is lost. There will be a Bingo Chat Friday at 7:00 PM EST. Make sure you go by the forum early and pick up your Bingo card and get it back to the host. The Scavenger hunt has started and will only last threw the weekend. On Sunday it will end. So stop by early so you can make sure you find all the pieces. Gone

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 2 gift

Here is the second file to this mini kit. I hope you like it. Make sure you stop by our chat today at 1 PM EST. there will be gifts and there will be prizes. Also if you have not been to the store this week, there are 150 products that are just 98 cents. You can't beat that price for a kit. We have over 60 products in our store alone at 98 cents each. So run on over and see if you can't find something you might like. Gone

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A gift for you

I thought I would give you some more gifts. So here is first piece of it. A nice rich rustic brown. I will be back with more of this mini kit. Gone

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Thursday at 1:00 PM EST we will be having our normal chat. Only we will have prizes in addition to the normal attendance gift. So make sure you join use at Digi By Designs for our chat on Thursday. If you are not registered with Digi by designs please come early so that you can register. You must be registered to get into chat.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It seems that we have all lost our minds over at Digi By Design. We have over 135 items in the store that are just 98 Cents. So you know that we all have really gone nuts. You all thought we were nuts and now we have done went and proved it. There are kits, quick pages, elements, alpha sets and more all of 98 cents each. We will have everything in the store marked down next weekend also.

Amy will be hosting a great Bingo chat. I hear she has lots and lots of prizes to give out. You might want to run over to the forum and pick up a Bingo card.

There is also a scavenger hunt Oct. 19 to Oct. 21. There there a list of clues for you to find the answers to. Be careful some of them are tricky. If you manage to find all of the pieces to the scavenger hunt this is what you will have. A lot of designers put a lot of work into these so please leave some love for them in the forum.

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We are having a blog party. Make sure you go to each designers blog and pick up a part of this great kit called Hollow's Eve. You will be able to find Acorn's part of the party Gone. PLEASE MAKE SURE IF YOU DOWNLOAD TO LEAVE SOME LOVE ON THE PERSON BLOG.

Oh and don't I owe you all a part of Dog Wood this week? Here for your scrapping pleasure is part 10 of Dog Wood. Please enjoy it along with the rest. Gone

Hey! I just discovered ArteFill and thought you might like to know more about it. Check out my opinion of it at the Frogpond. Visit ArteFill

Friday, October 12, 2007

Box inspectors

Here it is the end of the week and I have been dealing with my ever handy box inspectors. I got my table in yesterday and I had to put it together only my babies thought that I needed their help. You must see how closely they are inspecting the boxes. they had to make sure that mommy did not leave anything in them.

And for the finished table.

If anyone is looking for great Halloween ideas you can find lots of ideas at AllRecipes.com They even have a down loadable Halloween Cookbook in PDF format as well as pumpkin carving templates. Visit Allrecipes.com

Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Saturday

And not only do we have Dog Wood 9 for you but we have the Super Saver Saturday Deal. And this week we are giving you 50% off of Porcelain and Lace 1 Sale price is $3.50 for today only.


Friday, October 5, 2007

We have a sale

We have a sale going on at both Digi By Design and Scrappers Zone. We have some products that are 20% off right now. I know some of you have been hunting for some of the parts of Dog Wood so I am making sure you don't miss them. Don't miss the sale price of 80 cents on these three sections of Dog Wood.

Angel on my Shoulder is a Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Acorn Designs. Angels and Doves are featured in this elegant and peaceful kit. Fashioned in pink, green, and white, the delicate laces, beads, and flowers will enhance your pictures to perfection. This kit is great for baby girls, formal occasions, and heritage layouts. Sale price is $3.50 today only.

Celebrity is a Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Acorn Designs. The clean lines, simple elements of this kit make it a versatile showcase for any picture. Its very simplicity is elegant and tasteful. Your possibilities are endless. Sale price is $2.00

Forest Floor is a digital scrapbooking kit by Acorn Designs. Whether it be camping or a walk in the woods this kit will bring out the best in your outdoor photos. The earth tones, the felt flowers and the stitching are all part of the natural feel of the kit. Sale price is $2.40

A Velvet and Gold Christmas is a Digital Scrap Kit by Acorn Designs. Simple and elegant, this traditional Christmas kit will preserve those precious memories of the Yuletide season. The rich textures and gold accents will say Merry Christmas in a lovely way. Sale price is $2.80

Christmas Paper pack 1 is a Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack by Acorn Designs. These Christmas prints are perfect for those Holiday layouts. You’ll love the subtle textures and rich colors—a must for your collection. These papers are made to coordinate with A Velvet and Gold Christmas. Sale price is $2.80

Christmas Paper Pack 2 is a Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack by Acorn Designs. These Christmas plaids and stripes are wonderful additions to your collection. They will help make your holiday layouts shine. These coordinate with the Christmas Paper Pack 1 and with A Velvet and Gold Christmas kit. Sale price is $2.80

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Very Honored

We are very honored to have received this award...The very sweet Michelle McCoy nominated us...Thank you so much...We have never been nominated for something like this and we are just beside ourselves with pride of being picked...((HUGS)) I guess we have to pass this on to 5 others also.
We had to stop and really think about this and then the two of us had to agree. Our very first pick will have to be Tracy King who not only puts a daily up every day but she also has 6 stores, writes actions for CS2 and still finds time to design some really wonderful kits.
Our second pick is Marcee who has more talent than just a little bit. She is a really great designer, she has 3 stores and runs chats at 2 of them. She runs around like a chicken with her head cut of because she is so busy but she really is a wonderful person.
Our third pick will have to be our very own boss Michelle. She runs two stores, put everything into them and even finds time to run a chat. We know we drive her bonkers but she really is the most wonderful person we could ask for in a boss. She don't even yell when we send her 30 or 40 products at a time to put in the store. We love ya bass.
Our forth pick has got to be fishinmom who has no idea just how much talent she has. She puts the most wonderful freebies on her blog. Really wish we could get her on our team.
Our last pick, well she was suppose to be our second pick until she decided to give me a different award. Will be Amy. She has these really wonderful templates that we just can't seem to pass up. She also keeps us up to date of the freebies on other blogs.We love her even if she is a meanie and won't let us take credit for manufacturing her kits. We even offered to let her have half the money.

What kink of award got Amy knocked from 2nd to 5th you may ask. We she had the nerve to give me this award.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Don't hang me please

What's new in store for you this week???
Our new mega kit has just been released! It's $3.99 this week only (that's a 60% savings) You can find it here Be sure to stop by the forums here to get our daily download - we are giving a quick page away everyday this month! On top of that, if you stop by our Mega kit chat on Wednesday October 3rd, at 9 pm est. there will be even more coordinating gifts for free!

October Deals:
May 15-20 Mid Month Madness - 98 cent specials
Fall Madness Sale: 30% Off October 19th and 21st


  • Pumpkin carving/decorating contest
  • Fall/Halloween Bingo
  • Grab bags- Trick-or-treat, (….only the BIG candy bars in THESE bags!)
  • Leaves of Change layout contest
  • Recipe quick page exchange
  • Story time, came add to our story!
  • Blog Party - just loaded with free goodies for you to collect!
  • Daily Downloads in the forum - can you collect them all.

Don't Forget you can still get this kit Free any $10.00 purchase!!!
Kit Made by Becky G.

I know I am late with your freebie but I have been very busy. Your new challenges await you at Digi By Design.

The starter kit is really pretty this month. Lots of nice rich color in it. You can just click on the previews to be taken to the right challenge.

If you complete the color Challenge you will get this wonderful bonus.

If you complete the Heritage challenge you will get this wonderful bonus. The Heritage challenge this month is to help you start your family tree. So those of you who have never started your family tree this would be a great time to start.

If you do 7 out of the 9 challenges we have a treat for you. It is 3 QP's that we made up just for this.

And I guess this brings us to part 8 or our kit. I will be putting part 5, 6 & 7 into the store tomorrow and they will be $1.00 and then I take 20% off the first week so that will make them a whole 80 cents each. So if you missed a part be sure to pick it up in the store. Gone