Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Layout

I started to go out for a walk this morning and before I could get out the door I ran into Midnight claiming she was FRAMED. She claimed she had nothing at all to do with the mess in the bath room. She contends that it was all Piglets doing and that she had the proof that it was Piglet. Notice in her evidence that Piglet is only in one of the photos and let's see who is in the rest of them.


Well, well, well, if it isn't little Miss Midnight herself in the rest of the photos. She wants me to believe that she was the one who was framed. Looks more like she was trying to frame Piglet.  Kit used is Rosemary and Wine by Acorn Designs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Layout

I took a little walk this morning and I took my camera with me. I got a couple of nice shots and run across a couple of furry friends. I have done a layout of one of the little guys I ran across this morning. The kit I used was Jungle Fever by Acorn Designs. The Journaling reads "This little guy did not want to make friends this morning. He looked so cute sitting out there that I just had to take his photo for him."


Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Layout

It has been so hot and muggy the last couple of days that I have been keeping my babies locked in the den where they have the AC. One of them wants to sleep downstairs under her private fan. But the other three have this pad I made for them on the floor. It is about 6 inches thick and I used blankets and afghans for it. I took a photo of these spoiled brats all sleeping. Kit used is Yankee Doodle by Acorn Designs.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sale 30% off

WE are having a sale at Divine Digital. It is 30% off this weekend only. You will even find our brand NEW kit Chains Required on sale there.


For a better look at this beautiful kit, you can see the details in the paper, frame and fan in this preview.


In these previews you can get a better look at the colors.






I made this kit 100% behind Beth's back and dedicated the kit to her. When she finally got a copy of the kit just 2 days ago she said she just loved it.

Free Gift Cards

I found this site called Say Nation. You answer short surveys and you earn points that you can use to get gift cards with. I love being able to get FREE MONEY. Go check out the site and see if you like it or not. If you decided to join the site make sure you inter the referral code 4791387325 then we both get an extra 500 points. If you can't figure out where to register at, just click on the log in button on the top and then you will find a place to register. I hope you join the site and earn lots of extra money. I know we could all use some of that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

30% off at Studio Style Designs

Hay, Beth made the great freebie for you and I was not able to help her. So what I have done is put the store on sale.

So run over the Studio Style Designs and put up something to make those Father's Day Layouts with.

Sorry Sorry Sorry Happy Father's Day

I totally forgot about Father's Days. I saw my daddy last weekend and had a wonderful time with him. We went out to lunch. It was so hot out that day that all I had was a Turkey Club Sandwich. Who wants to eat hot food when it is 95 outside. Then we ran over to Wal-mart and picked up the kitty food. He knows I only feed dry food and did not say a word about me buying 80 cans of food. He had already met Midnight. On the way home he did say not to switch her to dry food before she turns six months old and then to start mixing the dray with the canned. Seems daddy knows I don't like the little ones having to try to eat dry food. I have ordered her a Collar, a Flea Collar and an ID tag. It has her name on the front side and the address and phone number on the back side. She's little enough to get out the door under your feet but not smart enough to not go anywhere of find her way home. So for safety sake I thought it best if she had an ID tag. The front door opens right up onto the side walk so she could be down the street before you realized she was not here. I love my baby to much to lose her. She is getting so big. She has calmed down a lot from the little heathen she was when I got her. But she is still full of life and lots of fun. You should have seen her telling mommy that she was hungry and mommy was going to stop working and feed her.

This week we have a new kit that is going in the store. It is called Jungle Fever. Some of the graphics used in the kit are items that were hand made in Africa, my mom and dad bought bought them on their trips over to Africa. I realize this is not our normal style but I made up a color swatch and this is what it turned into.


The tag is from a coaster that I have and the border is from a bracelet that I have. One of the frames is decorated with part of my necklace. The spear heads in the frames are from a photo of a spear that my dad has. So the spear head is real also.


We will feature the kit at our chat on Thursday at 2:00 PM EST. Thursday only the kit will be 50% off. If you must be at chat before 2:30 to be able to get the Attendance bonus.


Alright so I got a little crazy and put a bee in the gift.

If you post using the gift or the kit by midnight June 25th then you will get this great gift.


While I was busy putting things in stores yesterday Beth made a really great Father's Day Gift for you all. So here is the preview for it. Just click on the preview to get the download. If you head over to Beth's blog you will find the rest of the gift over there. There is a link in my side bar to her blog.


Friday, June 6, 2008

35% off sale, 50% off sale and a $2 CU grab bag

Oh WOW Beth has lost it again this weekend. She must be taking to many pills. Someone had better talk to her doctor, I can't take much more of this. She done went and put our whole store on sale for 35% off. So hurry on over to Studio Style Designs and pick up something hot while you still can. There is lots of new things in the store.


Also over at Digi By Designs we have a couple of items that will be on sale for 50% off on Saturday only, look in the SSS for the sale. The products that will be on sale at DXD are not at SSD so you don't have to worry that you are picking something up at SSD that you might have been able to get at a lower price at DXD.

Grab Bag Commercial Use

Also at Digi by Designs we have a commercial use grab bag. It is only $2 and contains 2 actions. right now these actions have only been tested in CS2 and CS3. They were tested in PSE 4 but do not run properly there. Right now I am working with Heidi to rewrite the actions so that they will work in PSE 4. I don't know anyone with any higher version of PSE to test the product there.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thursday kit 50% off Mamma's Joy

We are going to have a really great kit on sale at 50% off on Thursday for one day only. This is a bright and cheery kit. It has doll flowers and a hand drawn butterfly. Yes TJ draws by hand and also uses vectors to draw with. I don't do it very often but I do try to do it once in a while. The kit is called Mamma's Joy. I want you all to know that my dear friend Becky does 90% of our previews and she does a wonderful job.

There will be a chat on Thursday at 2 PM EST where we will preview the kit and talk about some part of designing or layouts. You don't have to leave empty handed either. Some time between 2 & 2:30 we will give out the pass word to a a gift and then sometime later on we will hand out the link for the gift. So make sure your on time or else you will not be able to get the password. If you attend the chat this is the lovely gift that you could receive. Every Thursday we teach some aspect of designing or layout making. We also have a featured kit every Thursday. So drop by the chat every week to see what is new and to learn a trick or two.


If you complete the challenge you will also get this beautiful gift.


I want you all to mark your calendars for June 18th and June 24th when we will also be having specials. The 18th is the Wacky Wednesday chat at 9 PM EST and the 24th is Marcee's Tea for Tuesday chat at 2 PM EST.


I found this web site this morning called checkMD If you are looking for a doctor in a specialized field or maybe you just moved into a new area and are looking for a new doctor, this site is where you should start your search. IT rates the doctors, it tells you if any of them have complaints against them, and even tells you what insurance they take. So check it out and maybe next time you need a new doctor you won't end up with some quack.