Monday, December 7, 2015

Vbiger Men's Cycling Bike Bicycle Anti-shocking Gel Silicone Sport Gloves

Vbiger Men's Cycling Bike Bicycle Anti-shocking Gel Silicone Sport Gloves

I bought these to be a Christmas gift for my room mate who is always riding his bike. These are so small that I could barely get them on my hands. These are made in China so maybe they used someone from there for their sizing but they will not fit American Men's hands. These gloves would be better for woman. Ad a woman with large hands I could just barely fit my hand into the XL gloves.
On the plus side the thumb part is made out of some kind of towel type fabric so it is good for wiping sweat off your face with. There are pads on the palms of the gloves to help protect your hands from the shock and vibration of the handle bars. There are little holes all over the palm and fingers of the gloves with allows for ventilation. One two of the fingers there is padding to help protect your fingers when pulling on the brake handles. The back side of the gloves are made out of a open weave fabric which is great for ventilation. The gloves close around the wrist with Velcro so that they are adjustable.

For the most part I would say they are pretty well made. The padding is all double stitched. The fabric is single stitched and there is no back stitching on the fingers so I would be afraid that they stitching might break loose.

  •  Material:Super fiber,silicone and mesh cloth
  • Anti-shocking, durable in use,breathable and comfortable.
  • M: 3.54 inches/ 19-21cm.
  • L: 8.27-9.05 inches/ 21-23cm.
  • XL: 9.05-9.84 inches/ 23-25cm.

Product Description

Jelly drawstring in the cuff is easy to adjust the tightness fot suit for kinds of hands to wear
Elastic mesh cloth has good property to adsorb sweat.Moreover, it is expansible
Palm part is of ultra-fibre,wear-resistant pad can adsorb shocking force
Small holes are easy to ventilate
Environmental materials are at ease to use

Component: 50%Polyester 35%pu 10%spandex 5%cotton
Craft: Silicone printing
Silicone palm design has good anti-skip effect
Superior cloth
Reasonable price and superior quick service, which is a real help when you are outing Classical color-match is quite individualized and charismatic  

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