Friday, January 1, 2016

Lans Grey Fleece Rain Boot Liner Socks

Lans Grey Fleece Rain Boot Liner Socks for Girls and Boys (Toddler/Little Kid)

My granddaughter thinks that these boot liner socks make perfect slippers. These are made out of a very soft fleece and the little puppy on the top makes them really cute. Once you put the socks in the boots it is easy for the child to tell which foot goes in which boot just by matching up the little white ears. These boot socks help to keep little toes warm when your child is wearing boots. These fit really nice in rain boots and they help to keep the toes really dry. These boot socks are kid tested and kid approved.

I received these boot socks at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


  •  X-Small usually fits size 3-5 US infant / small toddler boots
  • Small usually fits size 5-7 US toddler boots
  • Medium usually fits size 8-10 US boots for preschoolers
  • Large usually fits size 10-11.5 US boots for Kindergarteners
  • Boot liners fit any 6-7 inch (15 cm to 18 cm) tall kid's rain boots

Product Description

Splashing in rain puddles couldn't be more fun in these cozy welly warmer socks topped with an adorable puppy cuff. The rain boot liners are made of soft 100% polyester fleece in a gender-neutral style ideal for both boys and girls. For the early walker, as young as 9 months old all the way up to kids 6 years old, we've got you covered. These comfortable boot liners will fit into 6 or 7 inch (or 18 cm) tall kids' rain. These boot warmers are perfect for daycares where kids spend a lot of time outside in the rain or cold and easily washable.

LANS Fleece boot socks in grey complement any color rain boot and are gender neutral so they can be passed down to the next child whether it's a boy or a girl. When the boot warmers are placed in rain boots, they become waterproof snow boots. They can also be taken out of the boot used as fleece slipper socks when used indoors, and are fun boot liners for toddler boys and girls when they want to have warm feet stomping in puddles or snow. These welly socks start at:

Size X-Small for size 3 - 5 US infant boots for babies and smaller sized toddlers learning to walk

Size small for 5.5 -7 US toddler boots

Size medium for 8-10 US toddler / preschooler boots

Size large for 10-11.5 US little kids boots - mainly for the Kindergarten age group.

Because these boot socks are intended to stay in the boot, young children who struggle with differentiating right and left feet will be able to successfully put their boots on the right feet by matching up the white ears to touch, or kids can read "right foot" or "left foot" on each sock's white ear once they are old enough to help them put their boots on the correct feet.

100% polyester fleece welly socks with adorable puppy face cuff and seamless soles provide the ultimate comfort for little feet. ;

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