Saturday, September 22, 2007

oops I forgot

I forgot that I spent last night figuring out how to put products in one of our new stores. I managed to get ONE product in the store. Mind you that this morning I was still having to get someone to double check to make sure it was right. I only made one little mistake. But you can find the new store over at Scrappers Zone. There are many great designers there.

I'm here and it is SATURDAY

See I got here on time today. It is Saturday and even if this past week I have been making 3 or 4 mini kits a day. Last night I did a heritage mini kit and today I am working on a second one. Only the papers are taking longer in this one. But I come here today bringing to you your freebie. So let's see if I can find it. I believe that we are on part 7. Parts 1 threw 4 are already in the store and I will put part 5 in tonight. I hope you enjoy your freebie.

Remember to get your challenges done. Time is running out.

Don't forget to vote for my niece every day. She really needs your vote. One person is catching up fast.

Also there is a store wide sale going on. just use the code: Back To School for 25 % off you order. But remember this is a one time use code so make sure you grab everything you want at one time.

That Beth is such a slave driver. She thinks I am not suppose to have a day off and that I am to make several kits a day. On top of that she beats me. Gone

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

new blog freebie group

Don't ask me why because I have not a clue why but the old blog freebie group shut down. One Person was nice enough to take it upon herself to start a new group. If you go to you will be able to join this new group. Make sure you state in the comments area if you have a blog with freebies or if you are just a freebie hunter. Even if your just a freebie hunter don't worry, your still more than welcome. this is just so she will know who to be expecting to receive post from. You can even say you heard about the group here if you would like too. Have a wonderful day everyone. I must get back to work, beth has been beating me again for not working 36 hours a day 9 days a week.

Please vote at help my nieces get a room makeover. These girls are becoming teenagers and the room they are in is just to small for them. They will have to move to the basement but the basement is nothing to look at. I'm begging all our scrap booking friends to please vote for them. You can vote ever 24 hours. Thank you all

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just call me late again

Alright, I know I am late again but at least it is not Thursday this week. We have been really busy. Saturday my oldest daughter was here as well as all 5 of my grandkids from my youngest daughter. They are so loud they would give even a teach a migraine headache. Well after they left it took me about 2 hot minutes before I passed out and I don't mean I went to sleep. It was a bad case of lay down or fall down. Then I spent all day Sunday trying to recover from Saturday. Today is only Monday and I do have your freebie for you. So let's get one with the show. The link for 5 will be good until at least Thursday. At that time it will come down but I want to give you a full week to get it. Remember that if you missed any parts to this kit you can pick them up in our store. Part 4 is only 80 cents this week. Parts 1 to 3 are all $1 each. Gone

Remember that Digi By Designs has a once time use coupon for 25% off. So make sure you get your coupon code.

Don't forget that we have challenges and that the more challenges you do the more bonuses you get and everyone of them is done with he same colors and the same theme. So grab yourself a really nice kit by doing all the challenges.

My daughter Jenn and her sister's wrecking crew.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blame it all on Beth

Blame it all on Beth. She has had me so busy I did not know if I was coming or going to top it off my daughter coming home from Florida this weekend. She told me she would be here Saturday then late last night I get a call and she will be here tomorrow. I am really sorry your freebie is late late late. But I will still leave it up for one week. Oh darn and I was to give you a mid week something too. Well how about I make up for it later. I think we are up to number 5.

Oh but before I do that. I have a pair of nieces who are twins. They are getting to be teenagers and need more space. So we are trying to win them a room make over. If you all could go vote for them make sure you confirm your vote on the second page. you can vote once a day. Please help me to get them a room that is big enough for them. You only need to look at the photo to know it is in bad need of help.

See what I mean, it is in bad need of help. LOL

We are no longer in the digitals contest because we made a paper that was grungy and they thought it was blurry. But that is OK that is fair. But make sure you go over and vote anyway and pick up the freebies. Laurabmundy is still in the race and she needs your votes. So please vote for her. She has a really cute kit with bugs.

Now on to your freebie. Part 5 of Dog Wood Gone

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Digitals Scrap Pages is having a designers contest

There is a new Designers Contest. This time it is at Boofyb is in the contest so go vote for your favorite designer. Make sure you find the brown and orange kit by Boofyb. While your there make sure you pick up all the free kits. There are some wonderful things there. While I'm at it I have another Quick Page for you all. Gone

This Quick page uses our Turtle Bays kit. A template by Doro was used in the QP. A beautiful kit to scrap those outdoor photos you took over the summer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday Already

Darn it is Wednesday already and we have kits we have been finishing up. One just got back from our preview maker, we have one out to her now and one ready to go to her. Well, I just thought I would give you all a little gift seeing it is the middle of the week. How about a quick page? This page is made using one of Amy W's templates (you can find her blog over in the side bar) and our kit called Funkafishous I hope you enjoy your quick page. Gone

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Color Challenges are posted

I have posted both of the color challenges. Beth is having issues with her brand new Cable Modem. She thought going from DSL to Cable would be better. Ya right, she got more headaches and slower speeds now than she did before. But she is working on getting back up and running and will get her Heritage challenges posted very soon.

At Digi by Designs it is back to school we go with our Class Act bonuses. Remember as always if you do both challenges you end up with a full kit. So make sure you do both challenges at both sites.

For one day only you can get Prima Ballerina on sale for 50% off. Bringing that to the low price of just $3.50 This price is good today only and end at midnight EST.