Saturday, June 30, 2007

Morning Glory Part 7

Well it the weekend again and time for another part to Morning glory. I was just sitting here working on uploading some new things to put in the store. There are some new kits ans a QP album. This kit is called softly and Tenderly and it is uploading now. As soon as Beth gets the previews put together into one composite preview and the text file done, this will be added to the store.

Laura B. Mundy put together this beautiful quick page album for us. It to is being uploaded. I just have to do the paper work on it. I will do that in the morning.

We also have part 7 of Morning Glory for you. Expired Part 6 is already on it's way to the store for anyone who might have missed it. Remember that it will be on sale for 20% off the first week. That makes it a whole 80 cents.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here is an extra freebie for you all today. This freebie is for one day only. It is 2 more Quick pages to go with the 8 that you can pick up in the Digiscrap Boutique forum. You can pick up your QP's Expired . Make sure you check out all the new things in our store while your there. You will find things at Digiscrap Boutique that you will not find in our other store. The PW for the file is 1dayonly.

Gift a Day

Digiscrap Boutique is open again. To Celebrate we are giving away a gift a day until we get threw all the designers. To pick up your gift you must go to the site forum. Todays gift is by Sweet Made Designs. She also has a gift for you on her blog.

Tomorrow you will find your gifts from Acorn Designs. We have made 8 quuick pages for you. There are 2 each from 4 different kits. So Make sure you run to the forum everyday to pick up a gift from a different designer. Psssssssssst, you did not hear this here but each day check that designers blog, you just might find something there too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I hear that over on Rose Made Designs blog she has a new freebie. I understand you need to go pick it up by Friday. Maryanne also has a new freebie on her blog. She has this really beautiful matching kit in her store for hers.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A new freebie and I need to rant

I went to get my mother's sewing machine out of the laundry room this morning and put in on the desk Ih ad bought just for it. My mother passed away about a year ago. My dad brought me the sewing machine for Christmas, he knew that I really wanted the mcahine. Wel my daughter and her husband was the ones who moved me here to this house a month ago. I had not touch the machine since it was brought into the house because I had no where to put it at the time. Well, when I went to pick the sawing machine up, the case was light as a feather. The machine is gone. They stole my mother's sewing machine. I am so mad I could shoot both of them right now. I called her sister this morning and told her to tell them they had beeter never call her or come here until I have that machine. I also said if they sold that machine they had better go get it back and get the thing here. She don't want to take to long about it either because I will press charges on both of them.

I guess I had better give you this freebie. We are up to part 6 and I think I have enough stuff left for about 6 more parts, not sure but there still a lot of papers left. Oh a preview of todays part.

As before, I am putting part 5 in the store. If you have missed any parts of the kit you can pick themup in the store. If you hurry I see that part 4 is still on sale for only 80 cents. Part 5 will be on sale at 20% off for 1 week. That means it too will only be 80 cents. Later today I will decide what will be going in the store this week. I will also decide what I will put on sale for Saturday. In the mean time have a great day.

I'm back, LOL I have decided to put A Tribute to Mom 2 in the store. The main graphic in this kit was painted by my mom Vivian L. Tate. She was a real artist. The kit will sale for 6.99. Not all papers and elements are shown in the previews. As you know our things are always put on sale when they first hit the store so the kit will be 20% off.

The Saturday Supersaver deal will be Natural Spring Silk Flowers at 50% off. You get all of these beautiful flowers for only $1.50 These flowers go with our Natural Spring Papers and our Natural Spring Bows. We also have a different set of Natural Spring Flowers that goes with this set. Make sure you check out the whole line of Natural Spring products.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm getting there

I spent most of the weekend cleaning and unpacking some small stuff that was still in a few boxes. I still have a little bit of stuff in 1 box in the den, and 1 box in the living room. I was able to get some things in the basement this morning that belonged down there. I still have one box in the kitchen that I have not even brokien the seal on yet. That box has my great-great-grandmothers plate in it. That the last thing I am going to do is unpack it. I want to make sure nothing happens to that plate. I'm getting all the photos hung. The stair case makes a great art gallery. The heat here has already hit 100 degrees. I am lucky that the one room that has AC is this one. Maybe I should buy me a single bed to go in here. NA, I love my Jenny bed. It is so cumfy. LOL

Last year I bought so graphics from PC Crafter, in the deal they promissed to send you a disk of your choice from their Clipart Collection. Well I have been waiting months and months and months as you can see. Well I sent them a nasty e-mail saying they had more than enough time and I wanted my disk or I was going to the BBB. Well how suprising they got the disk in and I got mine today in the mail. Would I ever buy another disk from them? Not NO but HELL NO. They can't be trusted.

This adorable little house is over 200 years old. It has a rock foundation. Yes you read that right, a rock foundation. It was built in 3 sections. The origanal is where the living room and the laundry room are. Part of that section of the house has been updated to a bathroom complete with slopping ceilings so you can't hang a standard shower curton, but we devised a way to put a shower curton in there. We custom make it, then put those sticky hooks on the ceiling and use ribbon to hang it.

The second part of the house is the part where this room is, "the bedroom", MY DEN and the second part of "the living room", MY BEDROOM are. One part of this room was converted to wall to wall closest. Just don't have anything long to hang in it.

The yellow line that I drew on the photo is level, so that brings us to the next issue with this house. This side of the house has settled and as you can see nothing on this side is level anymore. But we do have s solution for that problem it is called wedges. LOL My son-in-law found the wood to do this with and I think it is really wood siding.

So we just wedge under the side that is low, as you can see here the wedge under the edge of my desk. Now speaking of desk. There was some swaping going on when it came to desk. I gave mine to my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter gave me hers to keep from having to move desk all over the place. Seeing this one was already in the house. So my son-in-law was sweet enough to move it upstairs for me. Well, the issue with the desk is that it was built before the tall towers came out either that or I just built to big of a computer. LOL Well the first problem was that once I put the tower in, I could not close the door on it, then the the board across the back was to low and I could not push the tower under it. Well I spent the most part of a day having to cut the back out of the back of the desk so that I could get my tower into the compartment. Only the compartment is such that you could not get power tools in there to cut it with. Boy did I have fun. But the slope is good for some things, like book shelves that are full ove CD's and papers. The slpoe helps to keep those things on the shelves. LOL Nothing like using things to your advantage. Did I mention the fact that there was 2 fire places in the house. One in each section of the down stairs. The one in part 1 of the house is so bad that it is just covered over.

It would have been behind the entertainment unit there. You can see that the wall is on a angle. The second fire place is in my bedroom. OWWWWWWWWW Darn and I don't have a man. LOL This is one of the things I love about this house. The other fire place would have looked just like this one.

Then we come to part 3 of the house. The kitchen. Well the kitchen is a really nice size and once again it has sloped ceilings. But it also has these great little cabnits built along the wall. You can see how much cabnit was added to the kitchen. The stove is on the low side of kitchen also. Which means, watch your head when your cooking and you have no light over there. LOL. But don't ask me why, who ever built the 3rd piece of the house built it 6 inches lower than the rest of the house so you have to step down to get into the kitchen.

Now we come to the best part of the house. The fully shaded back yard. When I say fully shaded I mean just that. The back yard is shaded all day long. there are 3 great big trees on this little bitty property that are as old as the house is and they keep the back yard just as cool as can be.

This is a small section of the back yard and that is the kitchen you see. I have the table sitting on a bamboo rugand if you look close you will find Bear in her favorite spot. The kitchen window. LOL Well, that is my new home and I hope you enjoyed learning about this wonderful little house. And we won't talk about what it takes to get into the basement.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Old and New in store

We put an old kit and a new kit in the store for you. By old I mean that it was made before we joined either of our current stores.

The new kit is Heffalump Happiness. This little chubby fellow is sure to make you smile. Heffalump is a happy fellow and will spice up your layouts with fun. The bright oranges and yellows are sure to make any day bright.

The other kit is Prom Magic. Little is more special than a young girl’s Special Night. Prom Magic is presented for those important formal occasions with flowers and lace, lovely pastels enhanced by black and white, and elegant scrolled frames for those once-in-a- lifetime moments.

For a limit time if you buy Prom Magic you will get 4 matching Quick Pages free. This offer will not last long. After this they will go in the store for sale.

Many thanks to Laura B. Munday for making the top left quick page.
Here is the preview to part 5 of Morning glory. Part 4 is now in the store for 20% off. So that means you can pick it up for just 80 cents. All 3 of these kits are 20% off for 1 week.

We are glad that everyone is enjoying the kit.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Good News

We will be putting the sections of Morning Glory on Digi By Design for sale. So if you missed on section you can pick it up in our store for just $1. But if you catch it the first week we put it in the store then it is 20% off. Now you can't beat that kind of a deal. It might take a couple of days for the first three parts to be put in the store but I have submitted them. So check the store often for any parts you might have missed.

Unpacking is a witch

I have managed to find the floor in all but my laundry room. Only this week I have been having to do so many other things. I had the cable guy here picking up my daughters modem, Then I had a stupid inspector here and I thhink he had instructions to try and fail this house. The man was inspecting things I have never seen inspected before in my life. But he was only able to find one little thing wrong and somone will be here on Monday to repair that. To bad I guess the joke on them. David did to good of a job on the house. Then I had to run to the Docs in 100 degree heat. Then spent the rest of that day argueing with the inusrance companys because my insurance would not go threw. Would you believe that we had to use an old insurance card number, one that should not have been good to get my pills paid for. After running around in all that heat I spent the rest of last night sick. It was not until after 5:30 this morning that I was able to get some sleep. I guess a storm hit this area sometime this morning and the power must have gone out. Only when I went to restart the computer I had no signal to my monitor. So that ment opening up the case and finding out what was going on. Some how the HD was froze and I had to unplug the cable going to it and plug it back in. Now that all fixed. I guess I will have to start shutting down at night. The power here is to unstable. That is a problem I have never had to deal with before. Oh I guess you all want part 4 of Morning Glory. Yep, I got that, so here is the preview to it.
And you will be albe to find the files here.