Monday, August 31, 2015

Two way Hose Connector

I said I would share with you some of the products I have been reviewing. This is the first product I would like to share with you. It is a two way hose connector. I would not share with you any product that I don't love and or find very useful.

Comfort Grip 2 Way Hose Connector. New Improved Design for August 2015 to Ensure No Breaking or Leaking! It Has Many Names: 2 Way Hose Splitter, Y Splitter, Hose Y Valve, Y Nozzle, 2 Way Hose Adapter, 2 Way Connector, Y Connector |Bonus: Free Add-on: 3 Rubber Washers + 3 Year Worry Free Warranty.

WORLD'S BEST GARDEN HOSE SPLITTER; NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN AUGUST 2015! do you find yourself needing more than 1 garden water outlet and only have access to a single garden tap? The Leaf HD hose splitter is designed to split 1 water outlet into 2 convenient garden water outlets 100%

WORRY FREE Guarantee! We promise you'll be thrilled with your purchase or we will do whatever it takes to delight you. Customer service on this is handled through Amazon's amazing CS department!

EASY TO USE LEVERS; ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY! The Leaf HD hose splitter is designed to allow you to select which outlet to use and is designed with easy to grip, with big comfort grip levers!

LEAD FREE HOSE ATTACHMENT; whereas other cheap garden hose accessories are manufactured from cheap material, the Leaf HD garden hose splitter uses completely safe, lead free metal for a garden hose splitter that can be used anywhere!

NEW NO-LEAK DESIGN; unlike most cheap garden hose attachments which leak and drip after little use, the Leaf HD hose splitter has been redesigned in August 2015 by changing the fastening and adhesive on the connections to ensure no leaking and dripping for long lasting use! 3 year guarantee! Click the Orange button to Order Now!

Product Description


We have redesigned the connections and adhesives in August 2015 to ensure NO BREAKING/LEAKING!

Do you love working in the garden, but often find a single tap isn't enough to water your plants? Rather than cheap hose splitters that are tough to grip and use, would you like a super high quality, long lasting garden hose splitter designed for easy use that can be easily attached and switched? If so, Leaf HD have created the perfect Garden Hose Splitter for you! Manufactured from super safe, lead free metal, the LeafHD Hose Splitter is designed for easy, simple use, with convenient, super easy to operate 4 cm handles to switch between: hoses, bars, sinks, sprinklers, water features, fountains, water timers and many more. Whereas cheaper garden hose splitters often split and leak, the LeafHD Hose Splitter has been designed for convenient, long lasting use. With extra-long, smooth threads and secure long lasting rubber rings, the LeafHD Hose Splitter has been redesigned in August 2015 to prevent leaking and drips for the most reliable garden hose splitter on the market. The LeafHD Hose Splitter is a premium gardening product with a number of notable features: - Split one water spigot into two convenient outlets. - Strong, durable design, ideal for outdoor use. Arthritis friendly with thick handles that are easily gripped and turned - Plus a 3 year guarantee.

If you're looking for the highest quality, long lasting Garden Hose Splitter on the market and are tired of cheap garden hose splitters that fail, leak or drip after little use, or are stiff and tough to use, the LeafHD Splitter is the perfect choice! Do NOT be fooled by cheap imitations! NO ONE HAS OUR WARRANTY OR IMPROVED REDESIGN!

What I have been up to

As everyone knows I have not been here for a while. I managed to break my shoulder and that really put me out of whack for a while. For over a month I had to sleep in my recliner. I don't have 100% of my use back but I have a good 85% of it. Lifting any weight with that arm is limited also. The really good thing is that it was the left shoulder that I broke and I am right handed. I did have to have a home health aid come in 4 times a week to help me change clothes and take a shower. It was a good thing the EMT's put a simple cotton sling on my arm as that is what we used when I took my shower. That way we kept the good sling dry and me relatively out of pain.

 But on to what I have been doing with my recovery time. I am doing product reviews for Amazon. The group I am with is not affiliated with Amazon but companies that sell on Amazon come to the group and request for people to test their product and give their unbiased and honest reviews. I will be sharing some of these wonderful products with you.

 In other news, David's job transferred him to Tampa so he moved to Tampa and took Max with him. Well for the past week I have been baby-sitting Max because David ended up in the hospital and is still very sick. It is good to have Max back in the house.

Max being back in the house is causing a bit of a jealousy issue because I missed Max so much that I went and got myself a puppy. My babies name is Sparky and he sure fits his name. This little boy was starving for love when I got him. He loves to dance when he sees me some in the door, when he knows that I am going to take him for a walk or even when he knows I have his food in my hand.

These two get along really great and I really love having Max visit and having Sparky in my life.