Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wooden Extra-Wide Shoulder Suit Hangers

I have a product for you today that you will really love. I have fell in love with these suit hangers and I am sure that you will too.

 J.S. Hanger Gugertree Wooden Extra-Wide Shoulder Suit Hangers, Wood Clothing Hangers for Closet Collection, Retro Finish, 5-Pack

If you know anyone who has expensive suits then you are going to want to buy these hangers as a gift for them. Buy them for yourself if you have really expensive clothing. These hangers are so well made. I love the polished finish on them. The bar the pants hang on has a clear plastic covering on them to help protect your clothing and keep things from slipping off of the bar. These hangers are worth every penny of what this seller is charging. The hangers don't have any burrs on them to snag your clothing. The ends of the hanger are nicely rounded to help keep any creases out of the shoulders of your suits. They have a heavy wire hook that will not bend under the weight of a suit. These hangers are not only good for suits but they are good for your heavy winter coats also. Once you have tried these hangers you are going to love them

I received these hangers at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  •  High quality of Gugertree
  • Solid and durable, retro finish
  • Extra-wide shoulder prevent the clothing falling down
  • Elegant design for hanging kinds of heavy coats, pants, skirts and so on

  • Non-slip rubberized Trouser bar, holds the clothing without any crease and wrinkle

  • Product Description

    Color: Brown

    E012-1 wooden suit hangers: This versatile Gugertree suit hanger is perfect for hanging larger coats, shirts, and other heavy garments. Not only the Extra-wide shoulder owns strong ability, but also can prevent slipping. The elegant contoured design can keep all clothing in natural shape without any wrinkle. A transparent non-slip rubber is on the trousers bar. Sophisticated retro styling and practical design make it a welcome and useful addition to any closet or armoire. Packing size :17.52*7.48*10.24 inches, single product size: 17.52*2.16*9.65 inches.

    About us:
    J.S. Hanger is a professional provider of various high quality solid hardwood hangers, such as clothes hangers, huggable hangers, coat hanger, suit hangers, pants hangers, tie hanger, scarf hanger, belt hanger, kids hangers, dress hanger, outerwear hangers, and so on. With Sophisticated styling and practical design, J.S. Hanger makes themselves a welcome and useful addition to any closet or armoire, keeping your wardrobe in peak condition and adding warmth and sophistication to your closet decor. J.S. Hanger will keep bringing best clothing hangers to customers all over the world.

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