Monday, February 15, 2016

Collapsible Dog Bowl Set

Premium USA Travel Collapsible Dog Bowl Set of 3 Pet Dog Bowls Food Treats Water Bowl + Clips & Whistles

Because you are buying these for the bowls and not the other things I will start my review with the bowls. These are made out of silicone rubber. They are very flexible and pop out to a size that is perfect for your little to medium size dogs. In the heat or even when you are going out for extended periods of time, it is essential that you have water with you for your pet. Just like you get thirsty so does your furry little friend. Most anywhere you go you can buy a bottle of water or at least gets some water. If you are carrying one of these bowls you have the perfect way to give them some water. My dog is always going on long walks with me and I carry one of these bowls with me. I also carry a bottle of water just for him and that way I can give him water anytime he needs it. Just buy one of the 8 oz bottles that way it is not as much weight and you can refill it anywhere. The black rim feels like it is made out of a very durable plastic to help the silicone keep its shape when expanded. They is a little heart shaped hole in the black plastic which has a clip in it. That brings us to the fist free gift. The clip has a good strong spring reaction to it so it will not come open on you. The clip matches the color of the bowl.

Gift two is the whistle and I personally love have a whistle with me at all times because my dog responds well to a whistle. He stops what he is doing when ever I blow the whistle. You might want to take the whistle off of the bowl and put it on a lanyard. If your dog is doing something wrong you don't want to have to try and un-clip the whistle and then use it. To much time is taken up and by then your fur baby can be into real trouble. But if you have the whistle on a lanyard then you can blow it right away and stop your dog in his tracks.

The third free items is three stickers and personally I just trashed them.

Would I recommend this to a friend? YES

***When you are looking to buy from amazon do not go off of the star system alone, You need to find out why a person either likes or dislikes a product. A person might simply give a product a 4 star rating because of lack of instructions but you might not need the instructions so that would not matter to you. What I find helpful is to read a few of the one star reviews to see what they say. If several say that the product broke after having the item a short time then maybe it is a bad item but if you have just one or two who are just complaining because they want to complain then go up and read some of the other reviews. ***

I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. The discount has not influenced or impacted my judgement of this product. I take this seriously and my opinion and experience is my own. I am in not required by the seller or anyone else to leave positive remarks about the product. I call it like I find it.


  •  EXTREMELY COMPACT-Folds to 1cm Perfect for feeding on the trail or on the go!
  • TOP-NOTCH-3 Extra durable dog bowls FDA approved BPA free Ecofriendly Food Grade Silicone!
  • AMAZING GIFTS FROM US-3 clips, 3 dog whistles & 3 stickers completely FREE!
  • PERFECT FEEDING BOWLS FOR S/M SIZE BREEDS-Also suitable for cats-small pets!
  • 100% RISK FREE-Be satisfied with our pet gear or get your all your Money Back!

Product Description

Efficient, Compact & Extremely Useful-The Collapsible Dog Bowl That You Definitely Need!

Feeding and keeping hydrated your pet while being outdoors can be hard and unhygienic.

That is why GOODOG spent months designing and testing the impeccable pet bowls that you have in front of you.

Why Are These Portable Pet Bowls The Best Available On The Market? Check Out:

• They are made of the highest quality Silicone, under certified facilities, are not-toxic and will never harm your pet's health!
• Feature an unmatched collapsible design and can be folded to become only 1cm thick. Fits comfortably in any bag or purse!
• Also, feature a special pre-holed handle, so you can hang your bowl and carry it hassle free without consuming any space!
• Are extra durable and ideal for every active dog that wants to play with its bowl instead of eat!
• Thanks to their construction, these plastic pet bowls are extremely lightweight and perfect for traveling, camping or just going for a walk!

You will also be equipped with 9 stunning gifts from the GOODOG team, just to say thank you.

3 dog whistles, 3 clips for hassle free hanging while on the go and 3 stickers that will let everybody know that you are in the GOODOG VIP club!

This set of plastic pet bowls that are designed in the USA can also make for the most appreciated gift for every pet owner.

What's more, they are also BPA-Free & FDA approved!

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