Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh it's hot outside!

It has hit 90 degrees here everyday for the past week. It is to hot to be outside doing anything. My den has AC but not the rest of the house. Yesterday I went to visit Beth's boyfriend, his name is Mr. Nap. When I got back don't you know that my heathens were so mad at me for leaving them alone that they tore up the den. They had everything off of my desk and all over the floor. I have a box of note paper and they had that down. To top it off they had taken the paper out of it and it was all over the floor. Talk about having to pick up a mess. They even had my web cam down. I sent them all to their corners and told them they better lay down and leave me alone the rest of the day. Roo thought she would lay down where ever she wanted to but I pointed to her blanket and made her get up on it. Midnight thought she was going to crawl up in my lap and go to sleep. I told her no way and every time she tired I put her down. But I was able to get her to lay down and be still also. It was several hours later before any of them dared to move. These little heathens are all looking to die before the summer is over. But I still love them and I would not trade them for anything.

I would like to tell you all about Pet Care RX web site. About a month ago I bought some things from them. One thing I bought was four collars in four different colors. The problem was that three of the collars came in right and the forth collar was totally wrong. I called their 800 number and spoke to customer service. The rest of what happened was what totally shocked me. They told me to keep the collar they had shipped and that they was shipping me out the right one. Ok, I expected to wait a couple of days for it to get here in the mail. Boy was I shocked when the collar arrived the next morning. Not only that it had a coupon for $5 off my next order and some toys for the baby. I have never seen a customer service as good as theirs.

There is also another site I would like to tell you about. It is called eBay Shopping & Discovery. I found this site this morning and I would recommend it to any of you who shop on eBay. There is only one page to the site and what you do is you put in the item that your looking for. Then it pulls up the items that match. When you click on the thumbnail of the item you want to look at, it opens the item up in a new window so you still have your search  so you can go back to it easily. You can then narrow down your search. I even found two items I wanted this morning. I bid on one of them and I e-mailed the owner of the other item asking them a question about it. I really loved the site and sure will be using it again.

As you all know I love my fur babies and I was totally devastated when I lost Bear. My daughter had e-mailed me a photo of a pure black kitten just minutes before Bear passed away. I had not seen the e-mail yet or would have told her no way. Well that kitten is now my Midnight who is a loving, playful heathen. Oh, but I do love her. I found another site this morning for anyone that is looking to get a new pet. This site is Petfinder. There is a search box on the left hand side of the screen and you put in what kind of animal your looking for and you put in your zip code and then it gives you a listing of animals that match your description in your local area. It is an easy way to find out what pets there are that are up for adoption. It will save you countless trips to different shelters looking for what you want only not to be able to find it. This way you know if they have what you want or not. In today's world saving gas is a must and this is sure one way to save gas. I would just make sure that I called ahead to double check that the animal was still there. My pets have a gift for your today. So keep reading to see what you will be getting.

Time is running out

Time is running out of the Mid Month Madness sale. There are over 100 products in the Digi By Design store that are just $0.98 The sale ends July 20. 2008 11:59 PM EST Midnight ya all. There are also some great buys in the Super Saver Saturday Sale that has been carried over to Sunday also. We wanted to make sure everyone had time to see both sales. There are 15 great items on sale from 50% to 65% off.


I have a freebie for you. I made it to go with Oak Leaf 89.



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