Friday, July 4, 2008

God Bless the USA

Yes I said that and that is just what I mean. this country has let a small handful of people take this country down and destroy the values of it. We are Americans, We speak English not Spanish, French, German or any other  language. Our products and our services should not have to be written in 2 or more languages just so that those who don't want to learn how toe read and write English don't feel left out. If you don't want to feel left out then go to school and learn to read and write English. I'm not talking about other countries here. for if I went to live in Germany I would have to learn how to read and write German. I don't think that we should have to take "In God We Trust" out of everything or off of everything in our Government. This country was founded on a strong belief in God and I think it should stay that way. You want an example of why it should stay that way. Just look around you. Look at the way the children of this country act today. the government say you can't spank your child your might hurt their little bitty feelings. Well wake up America hurt the feeling of those young people. Slap the crap out of them when they think they are grown enough to tell you, their parent, what to do. When they steal something take a belt to their butts. My God we all lived threw it and look at how we turned out. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and we the majority are letting it. We are letting a few dictate to us how we should live. We need to kick all of these crooks out of office and put some down to earth honest people in office. Some who will get off their behinds and stop being bribed by Big Business. If Big Business can't make it without government support then they need to go out of business just like the little business does. Maybe if those at the top of the Big Businesses were not putting so much in their own pockets it would not have a problem staying in business. Fence off our borders, close our gates, stop supporting the world and starting taking care of our own. We don't need to depend on foreign oil to make it. We have enough right here if the government would get off their lazy butts and let the oil companies drill for it. And then you want to know why gas prices are so high. As your government leaders why they won't let us drill for oil right here at home or off shore. Put your foot down and stop taking the BS that the government hands out. Fight back against them. I think everyone who goes to the polls should put in a write in that says "none of the above". Start taking a look at how the people in your district are voting and if they are voting to support the world and not voting to support those here at home then kick them out of office. Why must we support everyone else while we have born and raised Americans starving to death.

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Maria said...

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Rob said...
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Laurie said...

I agree with your venting! This country has gotten to the point of being embarrassing! (Oh and ROB, PLEASE STICK YOUR COMMENT UP YOUR A**!!! Just who do YOU think YOU are?? I HATE People like him!)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!

scangel said...

I just had to comment here.

i agree with you that the country is going to pot. what i dont agree with you is how this all got started. We like blaming the government, we like blaming big business, but we have become a gotta have nation.

we gotta have the name brand clothes and shoes,(God forbid we wear walmants, brand), gotta have the 42" plasma tv, gotta have the suv, gotta have sony playstation. i could go on and on. we have made it easy for big business. did you think that if the people of the united states would stop buying nike or any of the big brands, they might not be in business. we are paying the top dogs at these companies by buying their stuff.

we give our kids everything, and dont teach them the one thing that they need in their lives, a work ethic, we dont make them work for what they want. and it shows in the kids we have working in the store where i work. we hand them everything and then wonder why they turn out the way they do.

We need to look to ourselves as individuals and see what we can do to turn this country around, recycle, before you throw those shoes, shirt, whatever in the trash, think about it for a moment and if they are in good shape give them to a charity for the homeless or lowincome familes, these families would probably be more then happy you did.

press for alternative fuels to gas. the oil reserves will only last for so long and then what will we be leaving for the next generation.

well i could go on but i have taken up enough of the comment section. just remember to look to ourselves and quit blaming everyone else for what the people have created.

mumsy said...

I thought you were talking about Australia in your vent and a lotof your thoughts are mine too, particularly in relation to families and language. In australia we are not allowed to have a "racist" thought, black is racist so we have baa baa rainbow sheep as childs song, how ridiculous s that? Have you ever seen a rainbow sheep? LOL
and if black is racist, so is white to my way of thinking, along with other colours which result from mixed nationality relationships such as cream, coffee and such like. I remember the 1950's when we had the "yellow peril" namely Asians threatening us
so this makes yellow racist too.
The Governments and their advisors have gone mad, they see danger in every turn and are os thin skinned about hurting other peoples feelings. I dont mean we need to be rude deliberately or be derogatory in our remarks any word can be derogatory if used the wrong way but common sense needs t prevail.
Sorry. I havent downloaded anthing as as yet wedont celebrate 4th July in Australia, and we3 arent allowed fireworks as they are considered dangerous. the government protecting us again "big Brother is watching" shades of George Orwells book 1984