Friday, April 11, 2008

Study Jams!

StudyJams! is a new online, subscription-based learning experience for kids in grades 3-6. Developed by Scholastic, StudyJams! is dedicated to helping kids learn math and science in ways that are fun, relevant and rewarding.

StudyJams! was designed to introduce and reinforce key math and science concepts. Whether your child needs help to better understand a challenging topic or simply wants to learn more about a subject they already enjoy, StudyJams! can help. StudyJams! was created in conjunction with leading educators nationwide and all of our content is based on state curriculum standards.

Every kid learns in a unique way. That's why we offer multiple learning paths to match different learning styles. By using videos, interactive lessons, karaoke, music and more, StudyJams! empowers kids to learn the way that works best for them. All the while, the StudyJams! Crew — RJ, Mia, Zoe and Sam — are there to guide your kids through every topic.

Kids love StudyJams! because on top of being fun, with each Jam they complete they earn Jam points. Jam points are redeemed in the recording studio, where kids can create their own original music. When a song is finished, it can be downloaded as an mp3 file and shared with friends.

We make it easy to sign up and even easier to use. When you sign up for a "parent account", you get three "child accounts". Each child account has its own username and password (created by you), so each child has a unique and personalized learning experience. With the parent account, you can monitor how your kids are doing. is fully password-protected, ensuring that your kids will always be safe on StudyJams!

I really believe that this is a great site for kids. I have been to the site and tried it out myself. So please go to the site if you have kids and look it over.

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