Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good and Pissed off

I was going to keep my big fat mouth shut but it is eating at me. I got this e-mail today and the person who wrote it needs to shut the heck up.

"I would like to open a dialogue about the hogging of the site for sales.

I do not think that is is fair that one group or designer upload 2 or 300 products and hog the queqe. It is unfair that every other designer gets pushed back because of the bullshit. Our products have a right to be rotated through the store.

When a designer uploads 50 or 60 items in a day, every day or every other day, it stops others designers’ items from being seen.

I have been told by a couple of customers that the reason that they no longer shop at Scrapper’s Zone is because they only see the same products from the same designer when they search for products.

I’m just going to come out and say it. This is not the Acorn Designs show. I feel (and many others who do not want to come forward) that there should be a limit on the amount of products that can be uploaded in a week. There should also be a policy in place to remove the items that are not selling. It is not fair that bullshit items just take up space and have to be waded through in order to get to products. Customers are tired of it. Instead of writing to you about the issue, they go elsewhere to shop.

There is no need for one designer to dominate every category with useless products that are not selling. They are taking up server space, rotation space and robbing other designers of the opportunity to have their products seen."

First of all the site she wrote this to Acorn Designs has uploaded NOTHING to in weeks. Second of all she needs to stay out of other peoples business. If I chose to upload 500 files in one day that is between me and the store owner. It is none of her business. This person goes around on her blog and down grades everyone. Telling people that she lives in the US of A and they must speak English. Well guess what Sir Big Mouth, not the whole world lives in the USA and if they speak French, Spanish, German or what ever else then they can do so on their blogs. If a person wants music on their blog they can have it. Who the hell died and left you the "Blog Police"? Are you the only one that is "right" in the world?

Baby you done stepped on the right toes this time because I'm not a meek mild manored person and I will stand up and tell you to go straight to hell with your dumb stuff and your stupid ass. I don't roll over and play dead for you or anyone else. You need to go get a life and get out of everyone else's lives. Can you not live without being the center of attention? You need to cause drama for all those around you? Well lady, keep your stuff up and one of these days the Scrap booking world is really going to tell you where the get off at. No one cares a thing about you and no one even likes you.

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