Saturday, March 1, 2008


I am really pissed off right now. I was over at a site where I had a $5.00 coupon on my order. I bought 2 items a kit and a QP. When I went to check out one second the cart would tell me my total was 33 cents, the next second it would tell me that the total was $2.50. Now mind you if the total was $2.50 I was going to dump the QP and just pay the extra 50 cents for the kit. I really think the Beyond Mystery kit is pretty and really wanted it. I manage to get threw the check out and then on to Paypal. I pay the 33 cents for the order and then I'm directed back to the site. Only now the site has no record of the order. I know one thing if they don't give me my things soon I'm going to post the name of the site that don't know how to do a check out in great big letters here with proof that I paid for the order. Mind you this is one of the BIG sites that this has happened on not one of the little sites.


UPDATE: The site has taken care of the problem. They had no record of the purchase but was able to confirm my Paypal and issued a prompt refund and offered a new coupon if it was needed.


AfriDigiDiva said...

Uh oh, sounds like someone better correct some things with a quickness!

Stacey Mann said...

This happened at Digitals, where I am the site owner. It was a PayPal issue, not an error that we can fix on our site. I have refunded the full amount of your order within about 1 hour and will give you another coupon if you wish. I would appreciate if you would have given me a chance to fix it before you posted and I hope you will either remove it or post that I have made this right.

~Stacey Mann
Owner @ Digitals