Saturday, March 29, 2008


Bear was laid to rest in the back yard. She was wrapped in her favorite blanket which was a baby blue fleece. I have planted Tulips around her and will be putting a bird bath over her grave so that she can chase the birds. Losing Bear really hurts. I miss her sleeping on top of me at night. I miss her growling at the little box every time it runs. And I miss having her come in here and being a pest when she don't feel good. I guess now her allergies won't bother her any more. I just thank God she did not suffer. That she only had one quick cry and it was over. But you know I wonder if maybe her collar did not get caught on something and maybe that is what caused it. She did not even fall 3 feet and I feel like some how I am to blame for it. Maybe if I had of turned around a few seconds earlier to see what she was up to.

I'm getting a new baby and I'm calling her midnight. I know these are not the best photos but they was taken with a camera phone so I could be sent the photos quickly. You will see that she does have eye balls but she has not found her little legs yet. You can tell how tiny she still is by the way my daughter is holding her. From the little video that was sent you can tell she has a mouth on her too.



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