Tuesday, March 11, 2008

20% off on Selected items at SSD

I've done it again, I've put some more items on sale for you all. This time I tried to go a bit Springy. So here is what we have. These items will be on sale until  March 17, 2008

First up is Turtle Bay.

Turtle Bay was made with the outdoors in mind. From the whimsical to the elegant, it is reminiscent of country forests and spring meadows. We featured darling felt critters, fashioned and pieced together to decorate those “woodsy” pages with personality.

Kit includes; 36 papers, 5 borders, 12 bows, 12 tails (can be used separately or together), 16 ribbons, 8 ribbon flowers, 12 tags, 11 brads, 8 buttons, 18 felt figures (frogs, bugs, mushrooms)


Next we have Spring Time Meadow 1

The trees are green the flowers are blooming; you smell a fresh country breeze. So where are you? You’re in our Springtime Meadow with lots of flowers and dragonflies. Watch out because you might even find a cow in the meadow with you. There are Ribbons, journal boxes, bows, brads, frames, and shoelace stitching all done in 300 DPI. There is also 30 12x12 papers done at 300 DPI.

Contents: 30 papers, 8 ribbons, 8 laces, 12 flowers, 11 brads, 4 journal blocks, 3 tags, 2 frames, 2 borders, 5 ribbon tied bows, 15 full size bows


Now we have the mate to Spring Time Meadow 1 and that is Spring Time Meadow 2

You didn't get enough flowers and dragonflies in kit 1 or was it the cow that brought you back? Here you will find more pieces to our Springtime Meadow kit. This time we even threw in a butterfly or two and the other end of the cow. The papers are greens and yellows to compliment the other kit.

There are 30 12x12 300 DPI papers, 12 brads, 4 journal boxes, 2 frames, a border, 16 bows that can be used with or without the tails, 12 flowers, 3 tags, 7 ribbons, and 9 rows of laces.


Next comes some Blues Roses

This kit is graced with different shades of blue that have a stainless steel trim. This kit really stands out in your flowerbed of kits. Over 250 Megs of beauty are in this kit.
There is 12 bows, 8 brads, 3 boarders, 1 buckle, 3 sets of photo corners, 2 ribbons clusters, 9 flowers, 3 folded corners, 4 frames, 6 journal boxes, 2 pieces of lace, 15 ribbons, 3 pieces of Ric Rac, 6 stick pins, 5 tags, 12 small bows, and some other items all done at 300 DPI. You will also find 37 12-x12 papers done at 300 DPI


The last one on today's list is Orange Blossom Add-on

Here are more of those cheerful bright colors you enjoyed in Orange Blossom. Expand the scrappability of your kit with these added items.

Contents: 21 papers, 3 ribbons (1 curled), 1 flower, 1 tag, 5 buttons, 4 frames, 7 bows (3 different styles), 3 borders, 3 lacing