Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Here it is Sunday and what have I gotten done this weekend. I have put some products in the stores. I even managed to do a load of wash. But my dishes are not done, my floors are not done and my bathroom is not done. Would anyone like to come over and clean my house for me? I sure would be grateful. I have a kitty that don't feel good today. Bears allergies are acting up so that mean she wants to sit in mommies lap. Which makes it a lot harder for mommy to work. 

I do have my grandsons Christmas stocking finished and on his little sisters I have separated the threads (not an easy tasks) made 2 tiny candy canes and was working on 2 other pieces of candy only to find out one piece of each was misprinted.  So I had to take the sequins off of the misprinted ones and flip them over. So now I have to redo the tops on those. This one is going to take me forever.

Here is a photo of my grandson's finished stocking. I really think his turned out nice. Well back to the grind stone for me. Have a very Happy Sunday.


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