Thursday, October 4, 2007

Very Honored

We are very honored to have received this award...The very sweet Michelle McCoy nominated us...Thank you so much...We have never been nominated for something like this and we are just beside ourselves with pride of being picked...((HUGS)) I guess we have to pass this on to 5 others also.
We had to stop and really think about this and then the two of us had to agree. Our very first pick will have to be Tracy King who not only puts a daily up every day but she also has 6 stores, writes actions for CS2 and still finds time to design some really wonderful kits.
Our second pick is Marcee who has more talent than just a little bit. She is a really great designer, she has 3 stores and runs chats at 2 of them. She runs around like a chicken with her head cut of because she is so busy but she really is a wonderful person.
Our third pick will have to be our very own boss Michelle. She runs two stores, put everything into them and even finds time to run a chat. We know we drive her bonkers but she really is the most wonderful person we could ask for in a boss. She don't even yell when we send her 30 or 40 products at a time to put in the store. We love ya bass.
Our forth pick has got to be fishinmom who has no idea just how much talent she has. She puts the most wonderful freebies on her blog. Really wish we could get her on our team.
Our last pick, well she was suppose to be our second pick until she decided to give me a different award. Will be Amy. She has these really wonderful templates that we just can't seem to pass up. She also keeps us up to date of the freebies on other blogs.We love her even if she is a meanie and won't let us take credit for manufacturing her kits. We even offered to let her have half the money.

What kink of award got Amy knocked from 2nd to 5th you may ask. We she had the nerve to give me this award.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the second award is more appropriate--especially when I have to endure daily beatings from the recipient. But I do have to express my appreciation to Michelle--you're gonna make my head swell with pride--tj's is already too big to go thru the door.

Florescent Jellybeans by Tracy King said...

You ladies crack me up!! I can't believe that Amy had the nerve to give you the meanie award though!!!!

Florescent Jellybeans by Tracy King said...

oh and DUH me I didn't even say thanks!!! I'm honored too TJ, so sweet of you and Beth too, I didn't forget you Beth. :)

Amy W. said...

I'd thank you but I don't know if I'm honored or offended. You really are a meanie TJ! (Beth you're wonderful.) Thank you both ever so much for my award.

Fishinmom said...

Thank you both so much for the award and the sweet compliment!

LOL @ the meanie award - too funny!!


olga9999 said...

Congratulations on being awarded the "Creative Blogger Award". :) The second one looks a joke from a friend blogger and it's really funny you show it on the blog. :) LOL

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)