Friday, October 12, 2007

Box inspectors

Here it is the end of the week and I have been dealing with my ever handy box inspectors. I got my table in yesterday and I had to put it together only my babies thought that I needed their help. You must see how closely they are inspecting the boxes. they had to make sure that mommy did not leave anything in them.

And for the finished table.

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Cra-Z-cat said...

these pics are just too funny.. i too have cats that just love boxes.. i just got a new laptop and the box laid on the floor for a couple wks cause my kitties used it for a play tunnel.. they are just so darn cute playing in boxes.. i love how u captured their antics!!

EAL Designs2 said...

lol, that's funny, my cat is the same way, so much so that when my daughter asked me for a box to make a pyramid for a school project she had to fight the cat to get to build it, cuz he decided it was his new home, and every time she tried to work with it, he'd claw at her, lol.
Aren't they the best pets!
Hugs, Lisa

jbjanso said...

how funny
they are so cute
love the table
great pics