Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 6 freebie

Here is day 6 of this mini kit. Someone asked me if we had a name for this kit yet. well the answer is NO. We have not come up with a name . But we will let you know when we do. But let's get on with this show and your freebie. This is 2 nights in a row I have not been able to sleep and about mid morning I am going to be really cranky. Then I will have to go take a nap and take the edge off of me like I did yesterday. But todays freebie is lace. I hope you enjoy it. Gone

I almost forgot. I put Rainy Day Bear in the store at 25% off for one week only. This is an expanded version. I have added the parts that had been once used as chat freebies.

Anyone want a black cat named Bear. She will sleep on your keyboard, your mouse and your lap all at one time. Then get mad at you if you have the nerve to tell her to get down. But she really is loving. Just a VERY BIG PEST.

Beth finally has a product in our store at Scrapbookers Playground. She has Birthday Bonanza in the store at 20% off. Not sure what date the sale will end. I no she would have set it for 1 week but not sure when she got it in the store. So If you want to pick it up run over there now before the sale is gone. I do know that there are 2 more products uploaded ready to go into the store. For some reason Beth is having troubles with the FTP server timing out on her. That means once she has the product packaged she must send to me by way of MSN Live. and I have to upload. MSN takes a while to transfer the files so it takes longer to get the products in the store. But I can upload faster than she can anyway so it does not bother me. I set them to start uploading when I go to bed and then when I get up they are done. Would you believe that she has cable and I have DSL? At least Verizon is more stable here than they was at my old house. Or else I would be dealing with a slow cable connection also. LOL


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!

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Thank you!

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