Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here I go again

Here I go again having to tell you all I am sorry for being late. I had a power failure yesterday, I also had a delivery of $250 worth of groceries and that all had to be put away. Yep you read that right, I can even get my milk, frozen foods and fresh produce on line. We have a local chain of stores that delivers. While the power was out I took a nap and I had no more than got up when my granddaughters father called, he was on his way to pick her up. Got her ready to go, walked out the door to wait for him and her mother showed up. We then made a run to Wal-mart where you know I had to spend to much. LOL But I do have your freebie ready for you.

Remember to go over to GO DIGITALS tomorrow and vote for BOOFYB. Over 300 of you downloaded the rewards kit for voting last week but boofyb only had 25 votes, so if you want me to make the reward for voting then PLEASE go vote for boofyb. This week we will do it differently, there will be a mini kit for every 25 votes but to get the mini kit at the time you vote you need to leave a message in the gallery that says "I voted for boofyb". This way I will know you voted and I will PM you the link for the gift. We have 4 sets of eyes that will be watching the vote count and the post count. Now on to your last part of Morning Glory.


Carol said...

That sounds like a great idea to me!

Go boofyb Go boofyb Go boofyb

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for another wonderful part of this kit!!!!
Sounds like a great idea to me too!!!!

AJR65 said...

What a beautiful kit. I voted, but I'm not allowed to give any comment

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I like the ribbon bow! Thank you so much.

Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Linda said...

Beautiful as usual...Thank You


olga9999 said...

Thanks so much for the new part of this kit, it's really beautiful :)

Best luck and best wishes. :O)

Nancy P said...

Such a pretty color yellow - very nice kit - thank you so much!

myscrapbook said...

Thank you for the beautiful morning glory kit.

foxydel said...

This is just beautiful "I voted for boofyb"

Candee said...

It's PAYBACK TIME you sassy ladies. You've been TAGGED!!!! You have to answer the following questions after removing my answers, and post yours on your blog. Then pick 3 others to nail...hehe.

A - Attached or Single: attached
B - Best Friend: My partner
C - Chocolate Chip cookies - soft and hot
D - Drink of Choice: Propel Water
E - Essential Item: computer
F - Favorite Color: beachy blue
G - Gummi Bears or Worms: Neither - YUCK
H - Hometown: Merrick, NY
I – Indulgence: Laying on the beach doing nothing.
J - January or July: July
K - Kids: 3
L - Life is incomplete without: children
M - Marriage Date: 1/10/79 & 7/10/87 (and now divorced)
N - Number of Siblings: 3 - now 2
O - Oranges or Apples: oranges
P - Phobias/Fears: kangaroos (don't ask), being broke
Q - Favorite Quote: It's way at the bottom of my blog, go peek ;).
R- Reason to smile: I'm alive
S - Season: Spring
T- Tag Three: Julie from Stone Accents (; Mollie from Sworda Scrappin (; Acorn Designs (
U - Unknown Fact About Me: I name my cars - I now have Vinny the Voyager. :)
V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Prime Rib - yummmm
W - Worst Habit: Smoking
X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: X-rays - too many of them.
Y - Your Favorite Foods: anything Italian
Z- Zodiac: Gemini