Saturday, July 7, 2007

Just 4 more after this one

Just 4 more parts to Morning Glory after this one. Just think and ll of you wonderful ladies who have been getting this every week will have a full kit. I have all ready uploaded part 7 to be put in the store tonight. So you know the deal. If for some reason you missed part 7 you can pick it up in the store. We put it in the store for just $1 and 20% off the first week. We are doing this because I know how I hate it when I miss just one part of a kit and there is no way your buying the full kit for just one missing part. So rather than have you miss a part we give you the chance to pick it up at a really fair price. There is still 10 kits and 1 QP album in the store on sale at 20% off. Most of these are brand new kits. Just scroll down and you will see previews to all the kits we put in the store. Now for part 8 of your Morning Glory kit. Surprise!! As you can see we threw in a couple extra pieces for you. We hope you enjoy your gift from us.

Also before I forget, Digi Scrap Boutique is still having the gift a day. So make sure you run on over there and pick up your gift. We will be coming up again soon and our gift is ready and waiting. We will once again be offering an extra gift on our blog for just the one day.

Are you tired of the post a Layout get one piece challenges that some sites have to offer? Then check out the Challenges on Digi By Design

Over on Digi Scrap Boutique I have a color challenge posted. It is under the monthly challenges. There is a starter kit and a posting bonus. This is the starter kit. And the posting bonus is the second image.

Also on Digi By Design I host a color challenge. Here to there is a starter kit and a posting bonus. The first image is the starter kit and the second image is the posting bonus.

Things get even better around here. Beth also host a Heritage challenge on both site. I got to kick her in her rump to get her to post them. She been running the streets playing around and has not gotten them posted. What you think we should do to her? Maybe take away her car keys? Send her to the corner? Well these are her 2 posting bonuses if she ever gets them posted. LOL

As you can see if you do both challenges you will have 2 kits. Time for me to try to find Beth and get her to post her challenges.


I want you to know that beating Beth has worked. The Challenges are posted. Digi Scrap Boutique Heritage Challenge and Digi By Design Heritage Challenge.


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the 8th awesome part!!!!!

olga9999 said...

Thanks so much for the 8th part of the kit. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Maria said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie! Your post has been added to the list of freebies at

grambie said...

Thanks for this so wonderful addition to the Morning Glory Kit. Always had them in our yard as children. My Mother's first love of a flower. So pretty with the pin and extras. Love the plaid & striped pattern that appears in the preview. Thanks again. HUGS!!!