Saturday, June 9, 2007

Unpacking is a witch

I have managed to find the floor in all but my laundry room. Only this week I have been having to do so many other things. I had the cable guy here picking up my daughters modem, Then I had a stupid inspector here and I thhink he had instructions to try and fail this house. The man was inspecting things I have never seen inspected before in my life. But he was only able to find one little thing wrong and somone will be here on Monday to repair that. To bad I guess the joke on them. David did to good of a job on the house. Then I had to run to the Docs in 100 degree heat. Then spent the rest of that day argueing with the inusrance companys because my insurance would not go threw. Would you believe that we had to use an old insurance card number, one that should not have been good to get my pills paid for. After running around in all that heat I spent the rest of last night sick. It was not until after 5:30 this morning that I was able to get some sleep. I guess a storm hit this area sometime this morning and the power must have gone out. Only when I went to restart the computer I had no signal to my monitor. So that ment opening up the case and finding out what was going on. Some how the HD was froze and I had to unplug the cable going to it and plug it back in. Now that all fixed. I guess I will have to start shutting down at night. The power here is to unstable. That is a problem I have never had to deal with before. Oh I guess you all want part 4 of Morning Glory. Yep, I got that, so here is the preview to it.
And you will be albe to find the files here.


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the lovely part 4!!

Amy W. said...

Yeah TJ is back! Thanks for part 4 sweetie!

Sarebear said...

thank you so much!