Friday, June 22, 2007

A new freebie and I need to rant

I went to get my mother's sewing machine out of the laundry room this morning and put in on the desk Ih ad bought just for it. My mother passed away about a year ago. My dad brought me the sewing machine for Christmas, he knew that I really wanted the mcahine. Wel my daughter and her husband was the ones who moved me here to this house a month ago. I had not touch the machine since it was brought into the house because I had no where to put it at the time. Well, when I went to pick the sawing machine up, the case was light as a feather. The machine is gone. They stole my mother's sewing machine. I am so mad I could shoot both of them right now. I called her sister this morning and told her to tell them they had beeter never call her or come here until I have that machine. I also said if they sold that machine they had better go get it back and get the thing here. She don't want to take to long about it either because I will press charges on both of them.

I guess I had better give you this freebie. We are up to part 6 and I think I have enough stuff left for about 6 more parts, not sure but there still a lot of papers left. Oh a preview of todays part.

As before, I am putting part 5 in the store. If you have missed any parts of the kit you can pick themup in the store. If you hurry I see that part 4 is still on sale for only 80 cents. Part 5 will be on sale at 20% off for 1 week. That means it too will only be 80 cents. Later today I will decide what will be going in the store this week. I will also decide what I will put on sale for Saturday. In the mean time have a great day.

I'm back, LOL I have decided to put A Tribute to Mom 2 in the store. The main graphic in this kit was painted by my mom Vivian L. Tate. She was a real artist. The kit will sale for 6.99. Not all papers and elements are shown in the previews. As you know our things are always put on sale when they first hit the store so the kit will be 20% off.

The Saturday Supersaver deal will be Natural Spring Silk Flowers at 50% off. You get all of these beautiful flowers for only $1.50 These flowers go with our Natural Spring Papers and our Natural Spring Bows. We also have a different set of Natural Spring Flowers that goes with this set. Make sure you check out the whole line of Natural Spring products.


Heather said...

That stinks about the sewing machine! I hope you get it back!

I'm also sorry about my template being messed up. The new link to download is on my blog! thanks!

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for part6 & I hope you get it back!!! said...

I hope you get it back also.
I have been trying to dl part 6 but I keep getting a error.

Thank you for sharing

grambie said...

I understand your concern about your Mother's sewing machine. I just hope she returns it ASAP. Will your other daughter be able to get it from her without any problems? See those are the kind of things I have my sons for. I hope she realizes the pain & anquish she is causing you because of this.

Also, thanks for part 5 of this kit. These flowers were my Mother's crowning joy. She loved them & even joined a Christian Organization called the Morning Glories. I will remember them growing everywhere in our small back yard as a teenager. I have lost 2 parts of this because my computer arbitrarily sets itself to another time. Sony still says nothing is wrong. I also lost 2 large grabbags from the Queen Scrap through these actions. Glad to hear that you have more parts. Then maybe I can get enough to do a page layout. Thanks again. HUGS!!