Saturday, June 16, 2007

Old and New in store

We put an old kit and a new kit in the store for you. By old I mean that it was made before we joined either of our current stores.

The new kit is Heffalump Happiness. This little chubby fellow is sure to make you smile. Heffalump is a happy fellow and will spice up your layouts with fun. The bright oranges and yellows are sure to make any day bright.

The other kit is Prom Magic. Little is more special than a young girl’s Special Night. Prom Magic is presented for those important formal occasions with flowers and lace, lovely pastels enhanced by black and white, and elegant scrolled frames for those once-in-a- lifetime moments.

For a limit time if you buy Prom Magic you will get 4 matching Quick Pages free. This offer will not last long. After this they will go in the store for sale.

Many thanks to Laura B. Munday for making the top left quick page.
Here is the preview to part 5 of Morning glory. Part 4 is now in the store for 20% off. So that means you can pick it up for just 80 cents. All 3 of these kits are 20% off for 1 week.

We are glad that everyone is enjoying the kit.


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for part 5!!!

Jen said...

I just found your blog. Thanks for part 5. (Bummer that I missed the others.)


Sheila (pianomama7) said...

I love Morning Glory!! How many more parts may we expect? I've thought you were finished blessing us with parts a couple of times!