Monday, September 3, 2012

What a day

I can't believe that I blew out a tire on my bike last night. David had to come over and run to K-mart to buy a new tube. then when he went to take the tire off we discovered there was a rip in the tire itself. With out my bike I can't get around. I use it to ride the mile out to the doctors office, the two and a half miles out to Walmart and every where else I need to go. It five miles round trip to Walmart and boy am I tired by the time I get home. I also walk around the park every night which is about a mile. Just before I go to bed I take my walk and then take a shower. You can best believe my fat behind is tired when I get back in the door. Not that I think it is helping me any because I am still just as fat as I was.

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