Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Better

Yesterday David came over and he fixed my bike for me. Not only was the tub blown out so was the tire itself. That repair job cost me $40. I need a new room mate. Had to put the last one out because I was getting to many complaints from people in the park. She was letting her dog run loose all over the park. drinking at the pond and leaving he beer can laying around on the ground, and being just plain down right rude to people. To top that off she was just taking and using or drinking what ever of mine she wanted. Angela had given me a can of body spray and don't you know she used it up then she went and bought out every can the local store had. Did she offer to let me use hers? Oh heck no because it was hers. So I ended up buying Windsong instead. She still owes me for the 2 bottles of wine that she stole from me plus the cost of the script that I picked up for her. I won't even talk about the fact that she was very rude to 2 of my grand-kids just because they are black. But at least it is peaceful around here once again and my babies are happy with that and I am happy that I don't have her dog shitting and pissing all over my carpet.

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