Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 Month Later

It has been a month now since we have moved. We still have lots of boxes to unpack but we need dressers for the kids so we can have the bins their clothes are in. The two youngest girls seem to think we live in a pig sty and it is a fight to get them to keep their room picked up. I don't expect them to keep them looking like a show case. I really don't mind the lived in look but I do mind your clothes all over the floor and not being able to walk in the door. The boys do a pretty good job of keeping their room clean, only have to tell them to pick up a few items now and then. Every night before they go to bed they all have chores. Joy gets the dishes and cleaning the stove and counters. The boys have to put away the clean dishes, sweep and mop the floor and take out the trash from the whole house. The two girls have to pick up the living room and pick up the bathroom. This way when we go to bed the house looks pretty good every night.

I finely got a new office chair today. I only got my puter back up a few days ago and every since I have we have been sitting on the coffee table so we could use the puter.

It seems that my midnight took the worst of the move. From what we can figure out she was with child when we moved and the stress of the move caused her to have a miscarriage. This really took it tole on her and we almost lost her. I had to get her some omoxiciallin and she is now well on the road to recovery. The only thing is my once heathen cat is now trying to be a lap kitty. It seems she must be part chicken. For her to go out now mommy has to hold her hand. She will not go out without me and then won't move more than 2 feet from me. The only time she leaves my side in the house is when she is chasing Angela's cat "Kitty". When she does this we have to pull her off Kitty and spank her. We are very careful when we spank her because of all she has been though.

Because of my move we have delayed the stores second birthday party. The party will be held the week of May 15, 2011. We started our little store over two years ago as a way to keep our family together. We hope that we have been living up to our goal of bring you top quality scrapbooking and commercial use products. I would like to take the time to remind everyone that every scrapbooking kit in the store are Scrap For Hire and Scrap For Other (S4H, S4O) Friendly. The some of the Tagger kits are also S4H & S4O friendly. Please read the TOU on the tagger kits before you buy them to see if they are S4H & S4O friendly or not. Remember that you will find a link to the TOU right on the same page with the kit itself, just below the product description.

We would like to wish all the mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day and may God Bless you on your very special day. May your children be with you and I hope your Hubby brings you breakfast in bed.

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