Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have not been posting and my wonderful staff has been running the store the past few weeks because I have moved from New Jersey to Florida. It has been a very stressful move but we are here and the house is starting to come together. We finally have beds for 5 out of 6 of the grandkids. We still need one for the baby and Angela still needs a bed frame for herself seeing her bed is on the floor. We are eating in the living room because we have no table yet but we have all the grapefruit and oranges we can eat for FREE. We have a grapefruit tree in our yard and there is a orange tree next door where no one lives. All we got to do is send the kid up the tree to get them. LOL I would share some with you all but I don't think virtural fruit taste very good. LOL My babies are having a hard time dealing with all the noise that 6 kids make. They are used to it being so nice and quiet all the time in our home. Midnight seems to enjoy telling Kitty (Angela's cat) that she not allowed in the bedroom to eat. So Kitty sneaks in when Midnight is sleeping to grab a bit to eat. LOL But they now have one heck of a playground so they don't mind sharing it.

I still need to get my desk top put set back up. right now I am using MY laptop which I am being kind enough to share with Angela so she can do her homework.

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