Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freebie on Site Blog - Designer Call

As you may or may not have heard or read I am no longer at DXD. Along with several other designers we have branched out and started our own site where we all know what is going on, where we all can control our own stores, see reports and KNOW we are not being ripped off.  Our new site is Nut House Scraps. The URL is  Our grand opening is April 1, 2009 and we will be throwing a party. The blog, the forum and the gallery are all open now for your posting pleasure. Stop by and pay us a visit at The Nut House where we have nice little padded cells all done up in white for our designers so they can continue to bring you the best quality products around.

If you are a designer and you have quality products please e-mail me if your looking for a place to call home. We have 5 levels of designers ranging from 15% to 40% commission. You pick the level you want depending on just how much you want to put into the site. At 15% you are exclusive and you run a chat or a challenge all the way to 40% where all you do is upload your products, send me a kit submit form and you don't have to do another thing. It is up it you just how involved you want to be.

I have posted a freebie on my site blog.


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