Friday, June 6, 2008

35% off sale, 50% off sale and a $2 CU grab bag

Oh WOW Beth has lost it again this weekend. She must be taking to many pills. Someone had better talk to her doctor, I can't take much more of this. She done went and put our whole store on sale for 35% off. So hurry on over to Studio Style Designs and pick up something hot while you still can. There is lots of new things in the store.


Also over at Digi By Designs we have a couple of items that will be on sale for 50% off on Saturday only, look in the SSS for the sale. The products that will be on sale at DXD are not at SSD so you don't have to worry that you are picking something up at SSD that you might have been able to get at a lower price at DXD.

Grab Bag Commercial Use

Also at Digi by Designs we have a commercial use grab bag. It is only $2 and contains 2 actions. right now these actions have only been tested in CS2 and CS3. They were tested in PSE 4 but do not run properly there. Right now I am working with Heidi to rewrite the actions so that they will work in PSE 4. I don't know anyone with any higher version of PSE to test the product there.

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