Monday, April 19, 2010

Never listen to men

I like a jackass listened to a man 3 years ago. I loaned my Hoover Wind Tunel vacumn to my son-in-law and he told me I needed to buy a new vacumn because mine did not work any more. So I went out and bought a new one at $200. But for some reason I did not throw the old one out. I put it in the closet and totally forgot it was there. Then the other day I was looking for something and ran across the vacumn. Well today I pulled it out to see just what my son-in-law was talking about and sure enough it would not pick up. BUT I noticed that the brush was not turning either which told me the belt was broken (HUUUUM was not broken when I loaned it to him) so I turned it up side down and opened it up. I then went downstairs to the kitchen and got a new belt and put it on. Wouldn't you know it it cost a whole $2 to fix the old one. WOW and it was broke beyond repair to him. No wonder they stay broke, they throw out perfectly good things just because they need a repair. So now I have a vacumn for upstairs and one for downstairs. Sure will save my back. Thanks David for making me buy a new vacumn when I did not need it, you are now saving me a lot of back pain.

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