Monday, January 12, 2009

Anger Management



I had a situation today and rather than get mad I played the get even game with the person. I had made some hearts with my new action and used this other persons lace. The hearts were not being sold nor was the lace was not included in the action, The heart was used on the preview only. This person wanted to say it was a violation of her TOU. I read the TOU that came with the file and it was not a violation. Well, rather than the person wanting free advertising for her business she wanted the previews remade. So I remade the preview using lace that was Made by Acorn Designs and I made sure that when I put the new preview in the store that I included the fact that the Lace was made by Acorn Designs in the description. It don't bother me one bit.

But this is a good lesson for everyone in that even in your preview, don't use anything that does not say it is CU on it even if the item is not being included in your product. Someone might come back and complain that your violating their TOU. Now mind you I think it is pretty petty for a person to do so but there are those who are not happy unless they can find something to complain about.

A commercial use digital scrapbooking designer's tool for Photoshop. Use this action to make lovely custom heart tags for your kit or layout. You can customize each step individually. This action can also be used to make a charm or a clip just by leaving the background open. Made in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Tested in CS2 and CS3 only.

Lace shown in preview is made by Acorn Designs


A digital scrapbooking designer tool by Acorn Designs. Commercial Use ok. Make a simple fan from any lace or paper. It’s left in layers so you can change things

Lace shown in preview is made by Acorn Designs

the fans come out of Chairs Required and Forget-Me-Not kits.

Tested in CS2 & CS3 only


Do you all like the new preview thing that Aquarius Designs made for us? I think it is so nice. Now maybe the previews I make won't be so ugly.

I think I promised you all the other Quick page. well I guess I should give it to you. I hope that I got it right this time. I should have named the zips red and white.


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