Saturday, December 27, 2008

Money problems

I had money stolen from me and ended up having to do 4 charge backs. One I know was to a scrapbooking site (Gotta pixel) one was to what I think was a scrap booking site but not really any clue as it just has a persons name on it. One was even to Barns and Noble. And the forth one was to some place called AP9 Value Max.  This Value Max place also took money straight out of my checking account. There was even money taken straight out of my account to something called Onieda as well as a few others that I did not totally catch the name off from the woman at the bank.  I have been doing scarpbooking for years now and have been shopping at Gotta pixel. I e-mailed Stacy Carlson and told her explained to her what happened and don't you know the woman banned me from her site. I can no longer go to her forum. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I have not only spent at her site but on her products. I hope she never bothers to come to my site because I will ban her as soon as she does. I hope when she tries to dispute the charge back to paypal that she also shows them my e-mail with the explanation on it because if she don't I will. This situation is costing me almost $500 and when you live on a fixed income of only $700 that does not leave much to live off of the next month. When I'm going to get money just to keep the electric on I have no clue.

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Fortissimo said...

Terry, I understand your frustration for me, however, since you stated that your daughter is most likely the one who took the money, and that she has done it before, I have to protect my designers and myself. I'm very sorry that your daughter used your PayPal account to buy commercial use actions from our shop. I would be mad as spit if my daughter did that to me.