Friday, September 12, 2008

A site I found

I found this site called Geni and I think for anyone who is trying to keep track of their family history that this would be a great site to check out. By The Way, it is FREE and I know how we all love FREE. So why not stop  and Visit Geni and see what it is all about. Don't just take my word for it, this is one site you will want to check into. I know as a scrap booker that we are trying to keep track of our family and that is what this site is about. But it lets you put in more than the basic information, you can list schools, interest, your favorite book or even your favorite movie. This will give a more complete picture of who we all are. So hope on over to Geni and see what it is about.


Where are the kids suppose to be tonight? Where are they to be tomorrow night? How about a site that will help you keep track of where everyone is suppose to be? Better yet what about a FREE site that will help you keep track of things including your shopping list? Well there sure is one. That site is called Cozi.

This is a really great site to keep all your shopping list and to know where everyone is suppose to be all the time. You can even sync it Outlook or your PDA. There is also a downloadable tool bar, that is if you really want another tool bar on your screen. You can have a text message of your shopping list sent to your cell phone while your in the store. You can send send the kids a text message of an appointment that they may have. It has never gotten easier to keep track of things. So visit Cozi today and get your life in organized.

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