Wednesday, August 6, 2008

loving you

I have to say Midnight has herself a best friend now. Or at least someone who puts up with her. But either way Midnight loves Piglet. Where ever Piglet goes Midnight has to follow. So I did a layout showing just how much my little heathen loves her new big sister. Now how Midnight is sleeping with her head rested on Piglet. I liked this layout so much I turned it into a quick page and decided I would share it with you all. The kit used was Old English Rose by Acorn Designs. this will be available at Digi by Designs soon.



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1. I do not have cable or satellite service. I have Net Flix and can have 4 DVD's at a time out. So I don't have to be ripped off by Comcast Cable.

2. I have 4 fur babies. 3 cats and 1 heathen of a kitten. Because of the heathen I have to kitty proof my house to keep her from killing herself. (look at yesterdays post)

3. I am very happily DIVORCED. The only way I want a man now is one I can send home before morning.

4. I am a penny pincher and will do my best to get everything for free or for very little cost. My Christmas shopping is done all but my 2 grandsons and so far I've spent a grand total of $5.00

5. I live in a house that is over 200 years old. It is owned by my daughter and was owned by my mother before that. It was the second house ever built in this area. The first house is across the street from me.

6. I have really bad nerves and even I don't like me if I don't have my medicine. Even with it if I am under to much stress I can still have problems. But 95% of the time I'm fine.

7. I have 5 grand kids. All by one daughter with ages ranging from 3 to 11. They can come to my house as long as they stay outside. I call them the wrecking crew.

who am I tagging?

1. Beth at you all know I have to pick on her.

2. Mary Ann at who is a very hard working person.

3. Amy at who treats me like a step child

4. Athena at who treats me like I'm not even here

5. Laura at who makes our beautiful quick page albums for us.

6. Becky at who helps us do our previews and does a wonderful job at it.

7. Vicki at who is the best paper maker and helps me out a lot.

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Maria said...

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