Monday, May 26, 2008

OMG Beth done lost her mind

Your not going to believe it. Beth has done went and lost her mind. She put the whole store but 1 product on sale at Studio Style Designs for 40% off and the other product is 25%  off. Just what has gotten in to her. To top it off she is having the sale until the end of the month. I can't believe it. She never puts things on sale. She must be on them pills again. So you had better hurry on over there and see what is there.


Roo has gotten to be a big girl now but she is still mommy's baby. She is so spoiled it is a shame. She has gone from being born a stray to a most gentle and loving child. Kit used is American Made by Acorn Designs.


As you can see these two are fast becoming friends. I have caught them several times playing in the floor. You can see how tiny Midnight is next to Piglet. But in watching Piglet I know that she is not going to hurt the baby. The kit used here is Canterbury Bells by Acorn Designs.

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Becky said...

These are just darling, TJ! I love seeing how much you love your cats!