Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday again

It's Thursday and if you was not at chat today you missed a great lesson on blending modes.

Oh life is something else. yesterday I just seemed to get pushed to my limit and I snapped. I sent my self to the corner and took a nap. Then I was up half the night because I had taken the and and I over slept. got up right at 2:00 PM EST when my chat was suppose to start. I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt ran downstairs and grabbed my meds then ran back up the stairs and was in chat by 2:10 EST. Must be some kind of record. Then my friend Cherrie said how she used to do ironing for others and it brought back the memory of how I worked my way threw school doing ironing for others. I used to even iron pleats into to back of shirts for prison guards.

Let me tell you what happened the other night. I got off the computer to go to bed. I go into the bath room to change and I'm trying to figure out why my Bear was behind the toilet. That is not where she sits, she sits in front of the heater vent in the bathroom all day. Well I decided that I need to figure out just why she is back there. I move the bag of kitty litter at sits back there and out pops this MOUSE. I was not well. I hate Meeces to peeces. and I'm not the one. Well I run downstairs to grab one of the glue mouse traps that I just happened to have from before I moved, Thank God. I run back up the stairs and Bear is still behind the toilet so I take it the mouse is still back in that area some place. I lift the litter box and sure enough there it is. Only this time I noticed that it is injured, Bear had done her job right. I dropped the glue trap down on top of the thing and then pick it up by the edge and take it outside and put it on the porch. It was to cold to take it all the way to the trash can at that hour and I was not about to leave it in the house. Well I take it the mouse froze to death over night. Now my question is, was he a little field more or was he a baby mouse and might have family near by. If he was a baby mouse then I might have more of those darn little things running around my house and I'm not well with that idea. So I put a trap down in the kitchen where the cats can't get into it. If he had family they will soon be visiting him again in mousy heaven.

Look for the sale tomorrow at Studio Style Designs We have several new Oak Leafs in the store. There are some for Valentine's Day and some for St. Patrick's Day. If you don't know what our Oak Leafs are they are mini kits that we sale for less than $2.00 each. So if you don't have a lot of photos to scrap for one of the holidays a mini kit may just be what you need. We have 65 Oak Leafs all together. Right now there are 60 of them in the store. The last ones include some for Easter. Those will go in the store soon. If you want to look them all over you can find them starting here in our store.

Now then I think I need to get some work done. Anyone want to take care of the e-mails for me?

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